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April, 2024 HWAC Auction -Another Potential Million Dollar Sale of Rare Americana!
-Fred Hola...
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April, 2024 HWAC Auction -Another Potential Million Dollar Sale of Rare Americana!
-Fred Holabird

Welcome everybody to our next live auction. Th sale closely follows a timed auction two weeks ago that saw a lot of action, with some good rarities as well as some great buys!
As we plow through the start of 2024, we find ourselves moving the rare collectibles into our live sales, while moving the rare lesser expensive items to the timed sales, which are getting more and more popular by the month.

April is no exception, as 2300 lots are up for grabs, again featuring many one of a kind discoveries and great rarities. When I write these introductions to the sales, it gets harder and harder to know where to start and how to structure the essay because of the sheer huge variety of collectible genres present in our sales. We easily offer at least 60 different categories!!

So this time, lets start with some of my favorite “discoveries,” which is impossible for me to place in my relative order of “wow!” effect. Top ten? Impossible! How about the top 20? ??

1. The Robert Matheson, Arizona Territory letter archive, c1883-1886, that discusses an Apache mine camp massacre, the “Bisbee massacre” and subsequent hangings. In more than 100 pp of letters, we get from the writer a very clear picture of the difficulties of life on the Arizona/Sonora mining frontier. See the Mining section.
2. Dr. Timothy Wilcox Arizona Territory (especially Ft. Huachuca) photograph archive, c 1860-1894. (see photography, antiquarian). Wilcox was an Army physician assigned to many of the western forts, particularly Ft. Huachuca and Ft. Niobrara. The photo archive has in excess of 350 original photos in one album alone, nearly all taken by Wilcox. He also traveled to Alaska and forts on the east coast before being assigned to Cuba for the Spanish-American War.
3. Goldwater Store Posse, Yuma/Tucson Photograph. Robert Paul was sent to Yuma to arrest one of the Goldwater Bros. for fraud. A large posse was sent, and the original mounted photo is a stunner. c1880.
4. Robert Paul ALS regarding a stagecoach robbery and murder. The sheriff made famous from the days of the Earps.
5. Famous Western artist Frederick Remington original c1903 prints. A remarkable discovery of original prints sold out of Remington’s own gallery with his gallery card still attached.
6. Barry & Patten embossed San Francisco whiskey bottle. This is the very first western whiskey merchant to place his product in an embossed bottle. They are exceptionally rare. This is a “crown jewel” for any western whiskey collector.
7. Frank Abadie, Eureka, Nevada knife edge coffin flask with full original label. Unquestionably one of the very top Nevada whiskey bottles of all time, and unique.
8. Maps. The map section is so darned good (spread between a map, antiquarian and mining sections) that I can’t pick just one. So I’ll pick the early “California as an Island” map. I know – some of you think California is an island anyway! This map has insets with it that make map reading from the 1700s exciting.. But the sections also contain rare Gold Rush period maps from two major collections.
9. Fort Weisport, c1756 map in which Ben Franklin was involved.
10. Boston Baseball Team stock certificates, 19teens. Stocks issued to and signed by the founders of the Boston baseball club (176376, etc)
11. Austin, Nevada Sack of Flour, Sanitary Commission autographed and signed petition of donations, original document for this very famous western mining charity event that made history. This document was thought lost to history. (169387)
12. Circa 1660 Ecumenical Farce, “Il Capitole del Frati” was banned by the Church before it was completed. This is a full edition, and may be the only full or complete piece known. Handwritten by the author.
13. Mining stock signed by famous California author Bret Harte. (136540). Author of “Luck of Roaring Camp” and other tales, Harte was a near contemporary of Sam Clemens in the California gold camps.
14. Fraser River Gold Rush glass negative collection (179017). A large collection of photographs, probably unpublished, of one or more trips from Vancouver north by steamer to the mining camps of the Fraser River region. The high quality images show the store sign fronts that allows for the identification.
15. Inventor of the Electric Car, Fritchie, 1903, archive. An incredible discovery of his personal papers and photographs. Exceptionally appropriate as the world finally moves toward electric cars, albeit 120 years later.
16. Hayden Survey, 9 Volumes. This remarkable multi-year expedition along parts of the American/Canadian border is well recorded and very rare. (178878)
17. Truckee Basin Directory, 1883. A great Tahoe rarity.
18. Giant Green Fluorite, (149346). One of the many outstanding mineral specimens in the sale, and a very colorful one!
19. Spectacular very dark blue turquoise squash blossom necklace (Navajo). This is the very deep blue color that was so popular in the 1980s and doesn’t seem to have been found in turquoise mines since then.
20. Virgina & Truckee Railroad Lantern. A near-mint example is among about 50 different railroad lamps (and more railroad china!). Be sure and watch for our next two sales (including timed), as we will be selling two of the best railroad pass collections ever offered at auction- the “Ron Lerch” and “Western Railroad” collections.

That’s quite a list! But its all here, with tons more great items, spread over four days – this time on a pair of successive weekend days so you don’t have to be troubled by auctions while at work.

We are always on the lookout for major collections! Please call us. 775 851-1859 or our toll free number 844 492-2766

DAY 1 - Sat, Apr 6 Lots 1000-1563
Art (1001-1098)
Jewelry (1099-1130)
Native Americana (1131-1271)
Maps (1272-1337) also see mining on day 5
World's Fair/Expositions (1338-1344)
Books (1345-1451)
Autographs (1452-1454)
Photographs (1456-1558)
Wilcox, Photo archive, c1860-1910
Tools (1559-1563)

DAY 2 - Sun, Apr 7 Lots 2000-2580
3d Collectibles (2000-2013)
Clocks (2014-2020)
Musical (2021-2022)
Furnishings (2023-2025)
Clothing (2026-2027)
Collectibles & Flatware (2028-2045)
Advertising (2046-2067)
General Store (2068-2084)
Bottles (2085-2166)
Saloon (2167-2181)
Gaming (2183-2190)
Tobacianna (2191-2199)
Cowboy (2200-2219)
Entertainment (2220-2263)
Circus, Toys. sports (2264-2295)
Transportation/Railroad (2296-2396)
Political (2397-2422)
Military (2423-2460)
Firearms & Weaponry (2461-2527)
General Ephemera (2528-2580)

DAY 3 - Sat, Apr 13 Lots 3000-3517
Stocks & Bonds (3001-3517)
Banking (3001-3024)
Mining (3025-3296)
Industry & Oil (3297-3366)
Railroad & Transportation (3367-3427)
Other (3428-3517)

DAY 4 - Sun, Apr 14 Lots 4000-4666
Minerals (4001-4032)
Mining (4033-4226)
Artifacts (4033-4041)
Ephemera (4042-4220)
Scales (4221-4225)
Numismatics (4226-4409)
Tokens (4410-4431)
Philatelic (4432-4566)
Stamps (4432-4458)
Covers (4458-4474)
WF/Express (4475-4519)
Postcards (4520-4566)
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