Oswal Auction No. 63 and 64 Mumbai

Auction CurrencyINR Auction LocationSunderbai Hall, Churchgate, Mumbai, 400021, India

Auction Details

Oswal Auctions, one of the India's pioneer and most trusted auction house in field of Numismatics. We expertise in Coins, Bank Notes and Medals, and have been dealing with since last 30 Years! We are known for our transparency, quickness and efficiency.

Auction 63 Details:
Offering coins from Ancient, Medieval India, Sultanates, Mughals, Independent Kingdoms, Princely states, Indo-Denish, Indo-Portuguese, East India Company (Begal, Bombay Presidency, and uniform coinage), British India, Republic India, Foreign Coins, Tokens, Medals, Papermoney, and Miscellaneous.

Auction 64 Details:
Offering exclusive collection of Ancient, Sultanates, Independent Kingdom of Assam, Cooch Bahar, and Tripura; Princely states and Foreign coins.

Please NOTE At this moment, as per regulations from Govt. of India any indian coins older than 100 years can't be sold and shipped outside India, hence we can't allow bidders from outside India.
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