Unique and Rare Documented Special Order Deluxe Factory Engraved J. Ulrich Signed Winchester Model 1

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Unique and Rare Documented Special Order Deluxe Factory Engraved J. Ulrich Signed Winchester Model 1
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Estimate: $40000 - 60000
Manufacturer: Winchester Model: 1886
Rare Deluxe Winchester Model 1886 Rifle with signed factory engraving and numerous special order features. The rifle is accompanied by a letter from the Cody Firearms Museum that describes the rifle features as: "Caliber 45/90, Barrel Type: 1/2 Octagon, Trigger: Plain, Checkered stock with pistol grip, Cheek piece, Made from Maple - Party sent" and "Engraved: $5.00-receiver only". The rifle has a blue barrel and magazine, color casehardened receiver, hammer, lever, forearm cap and buttplate and checkered, tiger striped, maple forearm and pistol grip stock. The sides, top and bottom of the receiver and upper tang are factory engraved by master engraver John Ulrich. The engraving features delicate scrollwork and borders with distinctive interlinked rectangular motif (a similar design is on the John Ulrich engraved rifle illustrated on page 152 of THE BOOK OF WINCHESTER ENGRAVING by R.L. Wilson). The signature "J.ULRICH" is stamped in tiny letters on the lower tang behind the trigger. The rifle has a rarely encountered fancy grain XX maple stock with "Style H" checkering on the forearm and pistol grip and a carved cheekpiece. In addition to the factory engraving and rare stock wood and configuration, the rifle has the rare combination of half round/half octagon barrel with full length magazine; part round barrels usually were fitted with short magazines. The barrel has a special order Lyman "Hunting" front sight with ivory insert and special order "Winchester Express" rear sight with three folding leaves and platinum sight lines. The top of the barrel is roll-stamped with the two-line legend "-MANUFACTURED BY THE-/WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO. NEW HAVEN.CONN. U.S.A.-" ahead of the rear sight. The caliber designation "45-90 W.C.F." is stamped on the top barrel flat immediately in front of the receiver. "-MODEL 1886-" is roll-stamped on the upper receiver tang surrounded by an engraved single line border. In addition to the "J. ULRICH" signature, the bottom of the lower tang is stamped with the 1884 and 1885 patent dates behind the trigger and the script serial number "50121" ahead of the tang screw. The left side of the lower tang is stamped with the assembly number "333" followed by "XX" and "CM". "333" is also stamped in the upper tang inlet of the stock. All Winchester Model 1886 rifles with special order features are highly desirable - this rifle has several very rare features including signed factory engraving, maple stock and forearm with carved cheekpiece and half-round barrel and full length magazine.
BBL: 26 inch part octagon
Stock: checkered maple
Gauge: 45-90 WCF
Finish: blue/case-hardened
Serial Number: 50121
Very fine. The barrel and magazine have 95% of the blue finish; wear is limited to some thinning on the bottom of the magazine near the forearm. The markings are crisp and the bore is bright. The bolt has nearly all of the blue finish intact while the loading gate has faded to a blue-gray patina. The forearm cap, receiver, hammer, lever and crescent buttplate retain 75% of the period refinished casehardened finish. The case colors are slightly faded and the high points on the receiver, upper tang, lever and buttplate show traces of silver patina. There is some very fine and nearly undetectable handling pitting on contact points on the receiver, upper tang and lever. The delicate and flawlessly executed engraving is sharp. The stock and forearm are in very good condition with light handling wear and finish loss on contact points. The diamonds on the checkered panels are slightly flattened and both the stock and forearm have some scattered and very minor handling marks. This is an outstanding fully documented Deluxe Winchester Model 1886 rifle with J. Ulrich signed factory engraving and an unusual number of rare and significant special order features including maple stock.