Turning Transformation by Craig Lofton

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Turning Transformation by Craig Lofton
All pieces are signed originals, individually created by the artist listed.
Craig Lofton
Dallas, Texas

Turning Transformation
Bronze, dark brown patina, metal, wax
5" x 7" x 7"

Artist’s Note
“Turning Transformation” is bronze. It was not always so. Before bronze, it was wax. Before wax, it was a turned hackberry vessel.

Patterns, as a theme, resonates and has significant appeal to me. It is particularly relevant to my work in light of one definition of the word: “Transforming a model or design from a wood or metal object to produce replicas.” That is the essence of what “Turning Transformation” is all about: turning a single, simple piece of wood and creating bronze replicas using the wood as the pattern.

Artist Statement
“Discipline will set you free. I love that concept and live by it. I also create my art by it. The process of transforming raw wood into beautiful bowls and vessels with just the right curves and proportions turns me on; making pieces that people want to touch, admire, own.

Shape is everything. That is the foundation for my woodturning and is applied to every piece that I turn. Getting the curves, intersections and proportions to all work together in just the right manner is the goal, and the challenge. Sometimes I get close. While I may experiment with new materials, like bronze, my primary focus is always on shape.”

About Craig Lofton
“I spent a career designing and developing software systems. I loved being presented with large, complex system challenges by my clients; the bigger and more complex the better. I loved cutting-edge technology and implementing systems all over the world. After I sold my company in 2000, my family moved to Maui. My wife and I raised our kids there so they could be outdoors every day of the year. Maui is where I got 120 percent consumed by and serious about woodturning. After the kids left, we moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I discovered bronze and lost wax casting. While that might appear to be a shift, it is not. I am still first and foremost a woodturner. And, always, an explorer."

Learn More: http://www.lofton.us/