The Trap With the Golden Bait - Roman Booteen's Coin with One-of-a-kind Working Trap Mechanism

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The Trap With the Golden Bait - Roman Booteen's Coin with One-of-a-kind Working Trap Mechanism

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Auction Date:2019 Aug 14 @ 19:00 (UTC-7 : PDT/MST)
Location:2320 W Peoria Ave Suite B142, Phoenix, Arizona, 85029, United States
Authorized, licensed reproduction of Roman Booteen's original Trap Coin
One-of-a-kind working trap mechanism
Includes original Morgan Dollar
Includes original Dos Pesos 1/20 Troy ounce gold coin
Bezel, Jaws Trap cast from 20 grams of 925 silver
Includes certificate of authenticity
Limited to only 999 replicas, item photoed is a stock image and the winning bidder will receive a random edition number.
Individually laser-etched with serial number
includes collector's box

Originally created in 2017 by Roman Booteen, this 1921 Morgan Dollar Hobo Nickel sold at Auction for $10,101. Within days, Booteen experienced an influx of requests from excited collectors wanting a piece of modern art history. Sadly, it was a limited edition of one, but it became an overnight icon.

The obverse is a domed Morgan Dollar, featuring the iconic eagle. But it is the reverse that is the real star. It features a 1945 Gold Dos Peso core, surrounded by a spring-loaded finger trap. With the trap open, it becomes part of the border work, but try to steal the gold bait and it snaps shut. Never before has a Hobo Nickel existed with such unique sculpting and functionality.

Around the circumference, a matching inscription by Sir Walter Scott reads: AURUM MULTO MAGIS ANIMAS PERDIDIT QUAM FERRUM CORPORA CECIDIT. The meaning - “Gold has killed more souls than iron”. Booten's coin is inscribed in Latin, and we have translated it to Russian in this description to honor the coin’s original creator: ?????? ???????? ?????? ???, ??? ?????? ???.