Star Trek: The Original Series Spock "Cage" Tunic

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Star Trek: The Original Series Spock  Cage  Tunic
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An Original Series Science Officer tunic that was worn in the first episode of Star Trek ever produced - "The Cage" - filmed in 1964.  The tunics featured in the first pilot episode varied in design slightly from what was later seen when the series was picked up, as each arm features an approx. 1.5" slit designed into the rear cuff - standing out as a unique construction detail.  The main tunic is a heavy blue velour (which has since turned a light lavender over the decades, not uncommon for this material).  The costume shows slight fading around the sleeves where there is evidence of an imprint from previously attached straight braid, as well as on the breast area where the faint outline of the previously sewn on small pilot style Starfleet patch is visible.  This piece features a black collar section which was sewn onto the garment for later use in the regular season episodes, but when it was worn in "The Cage" it featured a collar of the same color as the main velour fabric.  The very fragile original thread has come apart along some seam lines on the torso and arms in some places, which can be very easily restored/resewn, or left as is.  An exceptionally rare costume from Star Trek's first pilot, this piece is likely one of only two Cage Science Officer tunics ever to be offered for sale, and, as the history of this particular item is well known and documented in collecting circles, there is much compelling evidence to support that this tunic was worn by Leonard Nimoy for his very first appearance as the iconic character of Mr. Spock.   In addition to the evidence of previously attached straight rank braid; its overall physical size (and body style design); as well as interior left shoulder construction details and past auction history evidence which documents a former zipper closure running along its left shoulder; a still present neck collar cinch string and other design details firmly establish this as a Spock Cage tunic.   A more extensive analysis of this garment, including additional information and screenshot comparisons can be found at: http://www.startrekpropauthority.com/2011/12/star-trek-original-series-blue-science.html This is truly an iconic and exceptionally rare piece of Star Trek production history.