Sioux Diplomat

Currency:USD Category:Art Start Price:NA Estimated At:3,000.00 - 5,000.00 USD
Sioux Diplomat
Sioux Diplomat
Artist: Glenna, Goodacre
Date of Birth: b. 1939
Medium: Bronze, cast number 15/50
Dimensions: 12 inches high
Signed: Signed and dated 2008

When we were researching Sacagawea for the U.S. Dollar, a friend introduced us to Brule’ Sioux Chief Spotted Tail, an important and colorful figure in the settling of the West. We loved his story and his “look”. Born Jumping Buffalo about 1823 in present-day South Dakota, he later took his name from a raccoon tail given to him by a trapper and included in his battle regalia. The uncle of legendary Crazy Horse, he was known at an early age as a fierce warrior. He later gained a reputation as a skilled diplomat on behalf of his people and was appointed chief. He became convinced of the futility of fighting westward expansion, believing instead in the power of diplomacy and the value of education for his people. He negotiated with three U.S. presidents, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, and Rutherford B. Hayes. He had learned to speak English as a captive of the U.S. forces, but he could not read the treaties he signed and more than once gave up more than he realized. Spotted Tail was known for his dashing attire, which included an expensive contemporary coat and hat, hair pipe bead breastplate, and his scalp shirt famously decorated with over 100 locks of hair captured in battles against the Pawnee. On his visits to Washington, his eclectic mixture of Native costume and Victorian clothing drew the attention of photographers in the capital city. But back in South Dakota, he was mysteriously assassinated by a fellow tribesman on August 5, 1881. He is buried in Rosebud, South Dakota. — Dan Anthony