Prince Handwritten Album Art Notes

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Prince Handwritten Album Art Notes

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Prince's handwritten instructions to artist Doug Henders for the cover artwork for his 1985 album Around the World in a Day, written in pencil on the reverse of two 8.5 x 11 pages of Purple Rain Tour materials: the first is a daily tour memo with rooming list from Chicago, December 11, 1984, and the second is a page from the tour itinerary for December 12–19, 1984. Prince lists 15 different images to be included in the artwork for the elaborate album jacket, in part: "1. Olive skinned people wearing hoods & capes of purple. Some could be white (the capes), 2. Pretty little girl aged 3 or 4 on seesaw (she should be laughing), 3. Paisley lawns with dandelions of yellow and violets. Lots of violets., 4. An old black man age 55 crying. (sitting down on a step.), 5. Blue sky background with fluffy clouds, 6. A beautiful woman, exotic looking wearing a black cape and a raspberry beret, 7. A blonde girl covered in lace eating an ice cream cone, 8. A laughing woman dressed in black who resembles Clara Bow. This woman should be hysterically laughing, 9. An obese bearded man covered with tattoos affectionately hugging a tiger, 9. A small body of water on a pier, an old woman crying with a hankerchief over a love lost, 10. A ladder leading from the water into one of the clouds in the sky, 11. Two or 3 people wearing black button downs, playing tamborines (hair shorter on one side), 12. A naked black baby running with an American flag, 13. A small Russian fighter jet flying through the sky. (shouldn't be a real focal point), 14. Doves flying and walking, 15. A juggling clown. (two juggling balls a globe)." In fine condition. Accompanied by a color printout of the Around the World in a Day album artwork, which indeed incorporates most of the subjects Prince lists here.