Prince Autograph Letter Signed to Tom Moon

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Prince Autograph Letter Signed to Tom Moon

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ALS in pencil, signed “Love & peace—Prince,” one page both sides, 8 x 10.5, September 1994. Prince's response to Tom Moon's critical review of his album Come, which had been published in Rolling Stone on September 8, 1994. In full: "There is joy in repetition if one looks 4 joy. There can also be tension & discord. It's all up 2 the beholder. Every note—be it voice or instrument, every sound—be it human or inhuman is produced according 2 the way the producer feels. Many things contribute 2 that feeling. The climate, the time of day, the day itself. Dance music seems 2 find it's way into the studio during the weekend. The moon, the stars, everything plays a part. And there are no accidents. Tears are more believable when u can't hold them back. Here—music is made out of necessity. It's a fact a life. Just like breathing. The voice inside tells u when there is a song 2 be born. All children are born beautiful. How they are perceived by others may be another matter indeed. Much like an unborn child—A song is never conceived whole. That would be like taking dictation. Pleasure comes from not knowing what your baby's character will be like. Pleasure comes from the nurturing process. Whatever we are… whatever we make. On the days when Camille records, children are born without conscience or inhibition. It is important however 2 allow Camille his 'voice.' He hasn't been around lately. Positivity & negativity are always very close. The seeds we sow are the flowers that grow. Things are coming 2 a head. And not just 4 this generation. Believe that after it does there will be peace 4 a long time. Maybe not 4 everyone but 4 most. Hopefully more than not." In fine condition, with a crease to the upper left corner and a light stain to the upper right. From the collection of Prince's assistant Therese Stoulil and accompanied by a letter of provenance.

In commenting or analyzing his own work, Prince invariably adopted his Camille mask, preferring to speak about his work in the third-person. A Philadelphia-based music writer and critic, Tom Moon had been an outspoken fan and supporter of Prince's career, so his negative 1994 review probably came as a surprise. One can read Prince's response as overtly defensive, but Prince always felt that the basic concept of music criticism was faulty—that music, be it his or Camille's, was too personal for others to judge beyond whether one personally enjoyed it or not. So, one can just as easily read his letter to Moon as an explanation of his feelings towards the writing of musicologists rather than a defense of his own work. It also lends enormous insight into his creative process in the studio, and reveals some of his innermost thoughts on the conception of an album. A truly significant, remarkable piece.