Patent Model, by David Sengel

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Patent Model, by David Sengel
All items in this auction were created, at least in part, on the wood lathe, with wood as the primary material. All are one-of-a-kind signed originals, individually created by the artist listed.
Lot #160
Patent Model
Steel, maple
5.75" x 8" x 8"

David Sengel
North Carolina, United States

"The Process: A collector of found metal from a young age, this piece incorporates the recent favorite find of a spring with feet. I had envisioned it becoming a critter of some sort but it turned into a machine instead.

In wondering what attracts me so to old rusty pieces of metal, I believe it is partly my interest in industrial history, a respect for the quality and inventiveness of older machinery, and an admiration for the shapes and lines in many of those forms.

My imagination for this piece takes me to a friend who used to work for the patent office. In the files and collections of prototypes that never made it to production, circa 1905, we find this small hand cranked spring-powered lathe with curved tool rest. Unfortunately, the owner’s manual (if there ever was one) is lost.

There are moveable parts, including the tool rest that swings (when all the way out it does cross the 8” barrier but not when swung inward). A wrench and two miniature turning tools are attached with magnets and can be put anywhere, though I am sending images of placement I like. This piece can be flat on a horizontal surface or hung on the wall."