Pat and Karen Miller | The Blue Spy

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Pat and Karen Miller | The Blue Spy
Pat and Karen Miller, Yakima, Washington

The Blue Spy, 2017
Assorted woods, steel wire
5.75 x 3.25 x 3.25" | 14.6 x 8.25 x 8.25 cm

"We all look pretty much the same in the nest. Simple rules of biology give us a blank slate, a map, and two dates separate by a dash. Why do our obits all read so differently?"

About us: For as long as we’ve been together Karen and I have shared a bit of a twist in how we see things. It's part of what drew us to each other I suspect. We seem to feed off each other’s perspectives in a way where one and one adds up to more than two. We have years of pictures in files with names like “shadows”, “clouds”, “things that look like other things”, “weird stuff”, “jump”. We seldom say anything that goes over the head of the other but often goes over those around us. Both of us have an innate need to make things which led us to dabble a bit in wood art in 2010 and the dabbling quickly engulfed us as a passion. We’ve earned our living, raised our kid, formed some opinions, paid our taxes and added candles to our cakes but haven’t really grown old. We are rather easily inspired and try not to look past the obvious. Our work may include the labor of one of us or both but the heart, soul and result of all our work is a true collaborative effort. Our intention is to enjoy the journey. We hope you will also.