Oops 2 by Dennis Paullus

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Oops 2 by Dennis Paullus
All pieces are signed originals, individually created by the artist listed.
Dennis Paullus
Arlington, Tenneessee

Oops 2
Silver maple
5" x 5" x 5"

Artist's Note

"This is second piece of a short series of 'melted' pieces. The first one was inspired by the old United Paint Company advertisement, where a bucket of paint is shown being poured over the Earth. The effect was like melting. Oops, I got it too close to the heat of the fire."

About Dennis Paullus

Woodturning started as a hobby for me in 1996 when I received a lathe for Christmas. This started a new journey of learning and discovery for me, though I have always been a maker, drawing and modeling clay from a young age, and then starting as a carpenter’s helper at 15. That summer lead to a career in construction, work that satisfied my thirst for making and building, though eventually there was less making than organizing and planning, and it became more of a job than a passion. Woodturning restored my passion for making and working wood with my hands. I make functional and sculptural work, and carving and embellishing has become a big part of my work.

Teaching and Demonstrating is a logical result of my journey too. Sharing the techniques of turning and carving is very fulfilling and satisfying; these techniques were freely taught to me by others as part of the woodturning community tradition, a tradition I strive to continue. As I start my 20th year of this journey of sharing and teaching I find that my passions have not dimmed but burn ever brighter with every year."