Mughals : Farukhshiyar

Currency:INR Category:Coins & Paper Money Start Price:200,000.00 INR Estimated At:200,000.00 - 250,000.00 INR
Mughals : Farukhshiyar
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Farrukhsiyar, Gold Mohur, 10.97g, Ahsanabad mint, RY Ahad, (Unlisted in KM). Complete mint name on bottom of reverse. Repaired and restored over the edge otherwise extremely fine, exceedingly rare.
Ahsanabad was the Islamic alias of the city of Gulbarga, which was renamed by the Bahmani ruler Ala al-Din Hasan Bahman Shah after himself. The name had fallen in disuse after the Bahmani Sultanate ended. It was revived again by Aurangzeb towards the end of his reign. Minting at Ahsanabad had become very sporadic in early 18th century with gold issues being virtually unknown. This is the first gold coin known of the period. Although it bears the normal ‘Badshah Bahr wa Bar’ couplet of Farrukhsiyar, his name is written by joining ‘Kh’ and ‘S’ together. This feature is seen only on coins of couple of other mints, like Firozgarh.