Machine-cut Bowl, 2018 | Nic Webb, England

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Machine-cut Bowl, 2018 | Nic Webb, England
Lime, mistletoe burl inclusion |

‘Tradition is the succession of solution’ - Unknown
This bowl was made with a chainsaw, an angle grinder and various sanding tools.

Though these modern tools lack the poetry of say the chisel or the spoke shave, they are efficient, economic and critical to the outcome of many tasks.

My intention was to make a bowl that had a quality of antiquity, while its production was completely modern.

It is common for people to reject modernity and instead commend the purity of the past, presenting objects with favourable association while editing or concealing what may be perceived as negative or contentious.

Contemporary craft has both honoured its ties to heritage and tradition as it has embraced new technologies and materials. The modern maker can draw upon both past and present to develop their practice and, regardless of our approach to making, no one's craft is 'more right or less wrong'.

Tradition is not static. Contemporary craft is in a constant state of development. It is fluid, vital and being added to and enriched by countless numbers of makers day upon day.

About the Artist:
Nic Webb studied painting at Brighton University, graduating in 1994. He has since worked as an artist and maker with focus on wood and clay.
His making is both traditional and experimental, producing work that he expresses to elemental forces and happenings that are beyond the makers control.
'Human making is delicately bound to the materials of the natural world. As we interact with our surroundings we realise and learn of this interconnection. As makers, we are able to explore our world and express our thoughts freely.'
'Freedom is our greatest privilege and with this, responsibility becomes our only duty.'
Nic's work is shown internationally, he tutors and lectures on elemental making and lives and works in East Sussex.

Learn More: www.nicwebb.com