Currency:USD Category:Coins & Paper Money / Coins: Ancient Start Price:550.00 USD Estimated At:600.00 - 900.00 USD
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MEDIEVAL ISLAMIC:LOT of 5 gold dinars and 1 Byzantine semissus: Ghorid of Bamiyan, Jalal al-Din 'Ali, A-1806 (VF, half flat); Amirs of Nishapur, Toghanshah, A-1708, Nishapur mint clear (crude VF, pierced); Qarakhanid, probably Ibrahim b. al-Husayn, A-3705, but uncertain (Fine); plus two unidentified dinars, probably Seljuq or Qarakhanid (crude VF with much weakness), and horrible worn-out Byzantine semissis or cut-down solidus (1.22g), total weight 15.65g (0.503 oz fine gold), lot of 6 pieces.