Currency:USD Category:Coins & Paper Money / Coins: Ancient Start Price:140.00 USD Estimated At:150.00 - 250.00 USD
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MEDIEVAL ISLAMIC:LOT of 24 silver and 1 copper coins: Ayyubid (10 pcs, AR dirham, a few with mint or date, Fine or better), Artuqid (10 pcs, AR dirham, average Fine), Amir of Astarabad (A-2343.2, 6 dirhams, 2 pcs, one of Simnan 775, EF, the other of Damghan 781, VF with weakness), Tunis (square nasri, KM-34, undated, VF, half flat), Sultans of Bijapur (silver larin, crude VF), and Artuqid of Amid (A-1823.2, copper dirham with lion-rider, VF, but some corrosion), lot of 25 pieces.