James Buchanan

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James Buchanan

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ALS, two pages both sides, 4.5 x 7, August 3, 1855. Letter to Dr. Samuel A. Houston of the 6th Auditor's Office in Washington, written from London. In full: "I have received your favor of the 30 June week a note from Dr. Smith dated off Cowes on the 29th July, informing me that he would not visit London but proceed by way of Bremen & Berlin to St. Petersburg. Had he come here I should have been happy to comply with your request in his favor. I observed, before the receipt of yours that your brother John had been removed. For this I am extremely sorry on account of my long friendship & warm regard both for him & his family. Your speculations concerning the next Presidency although interesting possess no value for me personally. Henceforward as a private citizen I shall give a decided support to the principles & the nominees of the Democratic party; but shall not again be a candidate for nomination before the National Convention. This I have written to all friends who have addressed me on the subject though you seem to be under a different impression.

It seems that ‘the question again asked is Can Mr. Buchanan carry Pennsylvania.’ This question has heretofore been so adroitly managed by my political opponents as to do me much injury; & yet there has been no period since my name has been seriously mentioned as a candidate when the matter was, in the least degree, doubtful. What might be the case at the present moment is a matter of no personal importance to me, although I desire always to live in the kind regard of the people of native state. My gratitude to them for past favors can never end but wish my life. I have no future favors to ask of them except their kind opinion. Please to present my warm regards to my old & valued friend, Dr. Jones. I am pleased to learn that he is anti-Know Nothing. A secret political society bound together by unlawful oaths, to restrain the free will of its members, to persecute a particular denomination of Christians, & to prosecute the naturalized citizens could not long continue to flourish in the free air of our glorious country. Please to remember me, in the very kindest manner, to your brother & his family. I hope to be in Washington for a couple of days before the meeting of Congress to settle my accounts, when I trust I may see you all." In fine condition, with splitting to one of the folds. Accompanied by the original transmittal envelope addressed in Buchanan's hand.

At the time of this letter, Buchanan was in London serving as minister to the United Kingdom. This conveniently placed him abroad during the controversial Kansas-Nebraska debate of 1854, during which other potential candidates for the presidency were tainted after being forced to take sides. While Buchanan claimed that he did not overtly seek the presidency, he did little to discourage the growing movement calling for his nomination—this behavior is evident even in the present letter, in which he at first denies any interest in the position before going on to speculate on his chances in his home state of Pennsylvania. Ultimately, Buchanan received the nomination the following year, and won the election by a fairly large margin.