It Satisfied My Soul No. 4 by Donna Zils Banfield

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It Satisfied My Soul No. 4 by Donna Zils Banfield
All pieces are signed originals, individually created by the artist listed.
Donna Zils Banfield
Derry, New Hampshire

It Satisfied My Soul No. 4
Endgrain vessel, pyro-engraved, textured
Maple, acrylic paint, 23k gold leaf, satin lacquer finish
3" x 3.5" x 3"

Artist's Note

"This is the fourth piece in my current series, titled “It Satisfied My Soul”. The series represents a body of work that contains the elements of ‘making’ that I find so immensely satisfying.

An idea begins in my sketch book and takes physical form when my pattern is drawn on the turning. This is a methodical process, as I work each leaf pattern with intent that it matches or compliments its adjacent partner. Pyro-engraving comes next, as my pattern becomes permanent: first the outline followed by the texture. Color is added...or not. Gold or silver leaf in an area may suggest just a bit of brightness.

What originally drew me to woodturning was the immediacy and near-instant gratification. Now, I find the slow, deliberate and methodical techniques I work with to be wonderfully meditative. I need this. It feeds my soul, and I am at peace."

About Donna Zils Banfield

Donna Zils Banfield has been creating art in wood since she received her first lathe as a surprise Christmas gift from her husband in 2001. Donna’s skills on the lathe were self-taught, but honed through workshops taught by gifted and skilled artists and turners who shared their knowledge. Her carving techniques and designs evolved after studying under several internationally recognized fine art and craft masters. A juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen since 2010, she works in her studio in Derry NH, with wood primarily from trees that have succumbed to disease, storm damage or urban development. She takes what nature – both human and Mother – has nearly destroyed, and gives it a new one, a life less ordinary.