Howard Hughes (55+) personal handwritten love letters, notes and postcards from Katharine Hepburn.

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Howard Hughes (55+) personal handwritten love letters, notes and postcards from Katharine Hepburn.
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30. From the personal collection of Howard Hughes. (ca. 1937-1938) Howard Hughes (55+) personal handwritten love letters, notes and postcards from Katharine Hepburn. Bedside notes are written in both pen & pencil on Hepburn's personal 3.1 x 5.5 in. Art Deco "KH" letterhead; letters mostly on 5.4 x 6.75 in. personal "KHH" embossed stationery. Dated letters range from August 15, 1937 through December 5, 1938, during Hughes and Hepburn's well-publicized romance. The two initially met during production of Sylvia Scarlett in June 1935, introduced by Hughes' friend and Hepburn's co-star Cary Grant. Initially unimpressed with Hughes' swagger, Hepburn eventually fell for him and thus began their legendary romance. Hepburn used many pet names and pseudonyms when signing the letters, including, "Country Mouse", "C. Mouse", "C.M.", "Mrs. H.R. Countrymouse", "Mrs. Boss", "H. Muskrat", etc. Being the center of much media attention, the couple tried to maintain discretion, hence, so few photographs taken of the couple together. Some excerpts: My most wonderful Boss - This should arrive on the morning you were born & I am thinking what a lucky day that was for me - for surely there could never be another like you - and if I had not found you I should still feel doubtful that there could be heros [sic] born into the world today - As a little girl & even as a bigger one I used to love to read fairy tales because it seemed so exciting that always at the end they lived happily ever afterward - Then I grew up & went out into the world and I began to realize that with the men I could see it would be impossible to live happily ever after - in fact I felt that I could see through them as if they were made of tissue paper and I began to think that there were no heroes and that third best was the only thing - Then you came along & I thought: There is a man who could make me very unhappy - because he is unfathomable - I look into his eyes and instead of seeing just the present - I can see the past & the future - I can see America & the qualities which have gone into its very making - I can see man & his difference from woman - I can see the future of humanity built on kindness & honesty - I can see a little boy and an old man - Then I was frightened - It seemed to be too much in one person & I felt that mediocrity would be safer/better than greatness - Then I fought to get away but I knew that I didn't want to - Then I became a part of you and I was proud and I knew that only with you who could make me unhappy - could I ever live happily ever afterward - And if that is only until tomorrow I shall still be proud and glad. Most people never find what I have - I used only to be able to see what is present & with you the walls of my house & the barriers of space & time have gone & I can live in your heart and feel safe & warm & glad - wherever you are or ever will be I can always be there + I shall never feel alone or frightened. Oh Boss you are so many things - If I had all the great lovers of time to choose from I should pick you for you are wicked & exciting and beyond description - and I should love to lie in bed with you for centuries... Boss - I believe in you completely - There are no barriers for you except the ones you set for yourself - Whatever you wish to become - you can - And if you ever need my help I shall try to give it to the best of my ability - There is nothing which you could tell me which I would not understand - because I would look at it through my eyes which have never seen until they met you so that in a way they are your eyes too - You should think of me not as anyone apart from you but as your closest blood relative who loves you for reasons beyond reality which will last forever through good & bad - I am your real friend boss and I want you to know that forever & whatever happens - you have made me believe in heroes - because you are one... My Baby - I'm late - as hell - but allow me to tell you that you're worth all your bad qualities & more. That sleeping side of you is like being trussed with [?] orangutan & that sleeping with you is so exciting - so sudden, so sweet & so incredible that I should like to do naught else for a week. Miss Country Mouse will be "at home to Mr. Field Mouse" at least at 5:15... Darling Boss - My goodness you take up a lot of your bed. I really think that you should spend more time in mine. I woke up at about 6:30 this morning & lay there wondering whether I could be mean enough to leap on you for my pleasure & then I decided that R.K.O. might object. Oh gosh - I wish that this house were a boat & that we were out on the cruise all alone. Goodbye my boss - I love you so much that I'm getting dull and only four letter words come into mind such as love & lust, etc... Oh my Field Mouse - I can't move & my eyes won't open & I feel so like doing nothing but I have to go to work anyway, I guess, but please promise me to be back at 6:00 & we can play the same game again. That is what I call something. Do you think that you can remember what you did - well, if you can't I'll tell you - I love & adore you from the tip of my tail to the point of my ear. Please don't lasso anyone else with your tail & play that game until you see me coming - (I mean down the street)... My Darling Field Mouse - Here is a daisy, picked from our favorite Daisy Bed (you know the one in which you were attracted to Miss Ginger [Rogers] Titmouse & I pulled your tail & it nearly came off). I hope that you still remember our old country custom of pulling the petals She loves me - She love me not - I did not mean to tell you because I hoped that you would be back in time but I am getting uncommonly pat & the other mice are looking at me askance. Could it be from anything you did in the hayrick that afternoon that we had such fun - I didn't feel that that was quite the way to behave, of course you were going away & I'd never seen you behave as oddly before & there seemed nothing to do but to lie very still but would you mind please Mr. Field Mouse, coming back quickly & telling me why I'm so pat. Eagerly awaiting your reply, I am your old fiancee... Dear Sir Boss - I understand that you are interested in a certain Miss C. Mouse - and that she will not go dancing with you. Now sir - if you really want a dancing mouse (& is there anything more shocking than a mouse who has no rhythm), I would like to suggest that you re-hire Miss G. Titmouse [Ginger Rogers] who sways & rocks & pushes & pulls & sideswipes & tilts both fore & aft. In fact I will myself guarantee it. Of course we could train the C. Mouse in question but it might take too long & I know you're not good at waiting... Boss - You are the most wonderful Boss in the world. You are unexpected. You are sweet. You are wild. You are calm. You have imagination. You are funny. You are different. You have all the old Abraham Lincoln virtues without which no one is anything. You have a big appetite but you are letting yourself get unhealthy. Now - please - when Pat calls today - don't think up reasons why you can't. Just do it. Remember - without health & animal vigor all life is pale... My Boss - You are sound asleep & I shan't disturb you - though I should like to leap upon you for the more often I have you the more often I want you which is a dreadful state of affairs. If this continues you will have to give up all work - just stay in bed with me forever. Gosh all hemlock you are wonderful - Even if I were completely sure of you - I should still want you more than you could to me so please let me be sure - I adore you often - now - & always... My Most Excellent Boss - Supremely attractive - brilliant as Einstein - graceful as a gazelle - exciting as an adventure story. To be allowed to go to sleep in the arms of the person of supreme tier in regard an honor not to be lightly cast as it's - Oh catch of the ages - Thou art mine? I hope so - for the sky rains rose petals so long as thy glance is in my direction - I bow - C.M. - Mrs. B. Mrs. Hug Mrs. H. K.H. Included is a 5-page hand-typed synopsis of The Philadelphia Story Hepburn sent to Hughes, with original transmittal envelope postmarked September 20, 1938. Hepburn recounts the plot of the as-of-yet unproduced play The Philadelphia Story, written by Philip Barry, as a vehicle for Katharine Hepburn to overcome her "box office poison" designation. A smash hit on the stage, then-beau Howard Hughes purchased the film rights for Hepburn, who turned around and sold them to Louis B. Mayer for the tidy sum of $250,000 and with the stipulation that she would have veto power over producer, director, writer, and cast of the screen adaptation. The resulting movie, directed by George Cukor, and starring Hepburn, Cary Grant, and James Stewart, is regarded as one of the greatest comedies of all time. Hepburn later quipped to biographer Charlotte Chandler, "I slept with Howard Hughes to get The Philadelphia Story. He was a brilliant man, and going to bed with him was very pleasurable. But the pleasure of owning The Philadelphia Story lasted longer." Synopsis has some separations at folds. Letters exhibit expected handling and remain in remarkably fine condition, well preserved by Hughes. $12,000 - $15,000