Guenter Wendt

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Guenter Wendt

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Auction Date:2011 Jan 20 @ 16:00 (UTC-5 : EST/CDT)
Location:5 Rt 101A Suite 5, Amherst, New Hampshire, 03031, United States
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A one-of-a-kind plastic helmet presented to beloved NASA pad leader Guenter Wendt by the Apollo 14 crew. The black helmet bears white lettering that reads “Col. Guenter Klink” (a reference to Colonel Klink of the ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ television series) and two stickers on either side with swastikas hand-drawn in red ink. Signed inside in gold ink, “Presented to Guenter F. Wendt two hours before ‘Liftoff’ of Apollo 14, 1–31–1971.” Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Wendt that reads: “The Col. Guenter Klink helmet was presented to the Padleader Guenter F. Wendt two hours before liftoff of Apollo 14 in the ‘White Room’ of pad 39 by A. Shepard,” a color satin-finish 10 x 8 photo of a smiling Wendt wearing the helmet and laughing with the crew signed in blue felt tip “Apollo 14—1/31/71, Guenter F. Wendt, Pad leader” with an arrow drawn to himself and Shepard with the respective notations “’Col. Klink’” and “’The Old Man,’” as well as a snapshot of him holding the helmet later in life.