First Light by Darrell Copeland

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First Light by Darrell Copeland
All pieces are signed originals, individually created by the artist listed.
Darrell Copeland
Weaverville, North Carolina

First Light
Wood, acrylic, milk paint, lacquer
4.63” x 6.63” x 7.63”

Artist’s Note
“Patterns in nature, inspires much of my work. 'First Light' draws on her pattern of night into day. It represented my interpretation of an early morning sky. Cool blue, absent of the sun’s warmth as it unfolds from night bringing closure to yesterday and anticipation for today.
'First Light' consists of three individual components, inviting interactivity and the creation of new and unique patterns.”

Artist Statement
“I personally gravitate to three dimension art. I approach my own work as sculptural paintings; compositions of form, texture, and color. Generally, I work with wood and acrylics. Often I will incorporate two or more components within a piece to create rhythmic patterns and/or interaction between them. While my goal is to express the essence of a theme (as I have in First Light), I take great pleasure in creating well-crafted esthetically pleasing work that may be subjectively interpreted and enjoyed.”

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