Exceptional M1919A4 "Full Automatic" Ramo Manufactured Medium Machine Gun with Tripod, Pintle and T&

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Exceptional M1919A4  Full Automatic  Ramo Manufactured Medium Machine Gun with Tripod, Pintle and T&
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This is just a fantastic example of a like new, fully functional, full automatic Class 3, M1919A4 medium machine gun, as manufactured and assemble by the RAMO company in Nashville, TN. This 1919 series of machine gun was developed right after WWI and was basically an air cooled version of the M1917 water cooled MG. Both of these weapons were designed by John Browning that proved so successful they were used through out WWII, Korea and even into Vietnam as a secondary medium machine gun. This Browning design was so easy to produce and so successful it was later the basis for the famous M2 .50 cal heavy machine gun that is still being used today. This machine gun was assembled using a new manufactured side plate, manufactured by the RAMO Company using a set of surplus GI parts (still in 30-06), that were available in the early 1990s. The side plate is marked; "MACHINE GUN CAL .30 M1919A4/MANUFACTURED BY/ RAMO NASHIVILLE TN./ U.S.A". The major parts/assemblies, bolt mechanism, barrel extension, top cover etc., have visible GI parts numbers. It is fitted with the original style flip up front sight mounted on the front end of the receiver with the fully adjustable ladder style rear sight mounted on the rear of the receiver that is graduated from 100-2400 meters. This machine gun is complete with an original WWII GI M2 tripod. The top plate is marked, "C59336/ E.P./No. 310071 ANAD 3-72/ MOUNT TRIPOD, CAL .30 M2/ EVAN PROD. CO. 1945", a GI style pintle for the tripod, with an original GI style traverse and elevation (T&E) mechanism, that has several drawing numbers on the various parts to include drawing number "C1955549" cast into the locking bar mechanism. As noted this is fully functional, full automatic, Class 3 medium machine gun that is fully transferable.
BBL: 26 inch round
Gauge: 30-06
Finish: parkerized
Serial Number: 600491
Condition: Excellent with 99% of the current parkerize finish on all the various parts, with only some minor scratches or drag marks on the belt feed mechanism, where it was probably test fired by RAMO. The tripod, pintle and T&E mechanism also appear to be in like new condition with 99% parkerized finish overall.