Escheresque by Michael Foster

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Escheresque by Michael Foster
All pieces are signed originals, individually created by the artist listed.
Michael Foster
Springfield, Vermont

Basswood, Waterlox, Krylon, mirror, turned acrylic, tung oil
3" x 7.5" x 7.5"

Artist’s Note
“M. C. Escher’s work has always fascinated me, especially his exploration of tessellations. I have been exploring the intersection of math and art and a tessellation immediately came to mind while contemplating the “Patterns” theme. Escher explored the Mobius strip in his 2D art. An idea came to mind to design a pierced tessellation on a Mobius strip. Keeping with the math roots theme of my work I decided to create a Mobius strip with 3 twists confined within the form of a torus. The making of this piece has given me even more respect for the work of Escher.

This piece is started on the lathe as a turned torus (donut). From this starting point I designed a triply twisted Mobius strip on the surface of the torus. I carved away most of the torus to leave behind only the thin Mobius strip with only the edges of the Mobius left as the original surface of the torus. A morphing tessellation was designed and drawn on the Mobius strip. The strip was then pierced and finally finished with a tung oil finish.”

About Michael Foster
I have been turning wood for over 25 years. I have gone through a progression of my skills and a slow evolution of my work. Originally I turned functional items like pens, bowls and boxes but slowly changed the focus of my work more towards decorative art. I concentrated on segmented work for a while, but soon evolved into more sculptural work, as I have always wanted to explore that avenue of expression. Sculpture is a better media to express my interests in the sciences and math. The last few years I have really become quite interested in the intersection of math and art. One may not realize it at first, but there is an endless supply of art inspiration to explore in the world of mathematics. I have not exhausted this well of ideas, but do not confine myself to this work. Much of my art also has inspiration in the sciences of biology, astronomy and physics and the natural world around us.

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