Entwining Passage by Laszlo Tompa

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Entwining Passage by Laszlo Tompa
All pieces are signed originals, individually created by the artist listed.
Laszlo Tompa
Pest, Hungary

Entwining Passage
Oak, beeswax
black stained oak

7.8” x 7.8” x 2.75”

Theme Statement
“This special sculpture -based on the principle of steptohedron- consisting of several elements fitting precisely together, is the result of three years experimentation. We see a two-sided sculpture constructed from one arc and built under serious rules. When we’re looking it from the side, the connection between the two sides - connection of surfaces and edges opens up. According to my interpretation, repetitive turned elements create interesting, novel patterns, and this results a spectacular geometric sculpture and simultaneously a mathematic speciality.”

Artist Statement
“Originally I designed 3D ceramic tiles. I was interested in tessellation so I changed to wood because wood is more suitable for this. My starting point is the form, and I choose the function to that (box, lamp, tile, sculpture). I’m seeking the context of the pitching aces and surfaces, the harmony of the extraordinary forms, the connection and the geometry of the matching half-bodies of revolution. “

About Laszlo Tompa
Ceramist, tile and woodwork designer, Hungarian artist Laszlo Tompa exhibits internationally as an artist and designer. Recent projects include a tactile exhibition in Hungary for blind and seeing people, an Exhibition by Studio of Young Designers Association in Barcelona, and taking part in a pop-up exhibition of digital-handmade books in London.

Learn More: www.tompakeramia.hu