David Belser | Stick Ball #3 "Half Burnt"

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David Belser | Stick Ball #3  Half Burnt
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David Belser
Penacook, New Hampshire

Stick Ball #3 "Half Burnt", 2017
6 x 6 x 6 inches | 15.24 x 15.24 x 15.24 cm

"I’m drawn to work that is visually dynamic - static pieces that change in subtle or dramatic ways as you move around them, or as the movement of the Sun changes the light. The turning is performed using a wax-matrix support process that I have developed. The individual sticks are burnt on two sides - enhancing the play of light, shadow, positive and negative space as the piece is observed from different angles.

The inspiration for this piece dates back to 2008; I was playing with the idea of turning fragile structures by using a temporary support matrix such as wax or ice. I had a process in mind that was in search of a form. That same year, I was also awed by the work presented in the first POP sphere exhibit. How wonderful to go full circle and have my piece included in The Sphere - Second Round."

Includes small stick base, not shown.

Learn more: www.davidbelser.com