Craig Lofton | Yamanooto

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Craig Lofton | Yamanooto
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Craig Lofton
Dallas, Texas

Yamanooto, 2016
Bronze, brass, cocobolo
6 x 6 x 6 inches | 15.24 x 15.24 x 15.24 cm

A sphere turned from hackberry and cast in silicon bronze is the dominant element of Yamanooto (translation from Japanese: Sound of the Mountain). Relating to the exhibit’s theme, the first round was the turned hackberry sphere and the second round is its bronze replica. I can also see the two pieces of the sphere as the first and second rounds: the bell suspended from the Zen-like beam is the first and the smaller piece the second. The sphere was carefully divided near the 45 parallel, the exact point where the bell makes a long, sweet note when struck by the cocobolo striker stored within the mountain.

About the Artist:
“Discipline will set you free.” I live by that. I create my art by it. The process of transforming raw wood into beautiful vessels with just the right curves and proportions is satisfying and fulfilling. Shape is everything. Getting curves, intersections and proportions to all work together in just the right way is the goal, and the challenge.

I was a software developer for 25 years. To me, development was both analytic and creative. I built the puzzles I designed. People almost always looked blankly at me when I told them it was a very creative process. I think visually so I always saw my systems like people see things. I like the transition from virtual to physical creative arts, though. People can actually see, touch, and hold what I create.