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The most infamous guitar since Bob Dylan plugged in a Fender Stratocaster, and went electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival! The only guitar in history to ever piss off Washington, and a President of The United states! [George H.W. Bush] Anyone who was alive, and not in a coma in 1992 remembers the Rodney King beating, the LAPD COPS on Trial, and the week long LA riots that killed dozens of people, injured countless others, and caused billions in property damage.

Since 1985, holier than thou Washington Wife Tipper Gore and the PMRC had been lobbying to put Parental Advisory stickers on "offensive" music. This push culminated in the famous Congressional hearings in which Dee Snyder, Frank Zappa, and John Denver amongst others testified. The very first Hip Hop album to get the sticker was Ice-T's debut album "Rhyme Pays", released in 1987. Rock music continued to fight back, calling the labels "Unconstitutional Censorship" until 1992 when Ice-T, and the Heavy Metal band BODY COUNT released their self titled debut LP. Their very first single was the raucous hit "COP KILLER"! Though the song is about police brutality, it unleashed a firestorm of controversy, and hammered down the final nail in the PMRC coffin. President George H.W. Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle both called out the band in anger filled diatribes, and declared war on Los Angeles!

This is the OOAK custom hand made in the US Neal Mozer guitar Ernie C [Cunningham] played the song in the studio. It is also the only guitar he ever performed the song live on stage with. He played the hell out of this guitar! To the point where, though still playable, he deemed it no longer stage worthy! He then gave it to a roadie who stored it at a famous F/X artist's home, until I came along, and made them both a cash offer they could not refuse. Comes complete with the original tour case marked "COP KILLER" and "ATTICUS" which I believe was the last band they toured with.

I have spoken with Neal Mozer who acknowledges that this was the only one made, and have irrefutably Screen Matched this to the original 1992 video, and other live footage. Not only by the unique brand and OOAK paint job, but all the excessive wear and damage.

Note 0:05 into the official video where Ernie C shows the back. The chip in the body under LLER is a dead give away! You could smash 100 guitars, and no 2 would break the same way due to differences in wood grain.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kakUJARSOc& list=FLYKSEq_7222tarTOTymZDyA

At about 1:02:00 into this complete concert filmed at the Troubadour in 2004, you can see several more matches of wear and damage on the front. BTW, yes that is an actual bleeding bullet hit drilled into the badge!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZxPB8xfM6c& list=FLYKSEq_7222tarTOTymZDyA& feature=mh_lolz

This guitar represents a lot! From Police brutality and the LA riots, to censorship and the fight for Free Speech. It is arguably one of the most recognized guitars ever made, and a genuine artifact of Rock N Roll History! It is my opinion that it belongs in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!