Blossom by Tiberio Yepes

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Blossom by Tiberio Yepes
All pieces are signed originals, individually created by the artist listed.
Tiberio Yepes
East Elmhurst, New York

Laminated veneers
7" x 7" x 7"

Theme Statement
I often like to work with visual and textural patterns, so I sought a bit of a challenge in this piece to turn my inspiration inside out. This work has twenty identical conical pieces that were each turned by hand in maple and ebony layered veneer. The light and dark wood creates a linear pattern in each of the pieces and when they are assembled, a more subtle pattern is created. Dividing the piece into hemispheres, the lines on the cones direct the eye outward and toward the poles of the sphere. The lines and the conical shapes imply a sense of direction; this static piece is capturing a moment of growth. Here we find a blossom.

About Tiberio Yepes
I was born in Colombia in 1962. Starting at an early age, I learned the basics of furniture making in my father's shop. I worked in all of the areas of the production: material selection, design, model making, machining, handwork, handling veneer, inlay work, finishing techniques and materials. With this diverse education, I ended up loving the creative process of imagining a piece and also being able to convert that little vision in something we can take a picture of.