Back To The Future Ride - "Save The Clock Tower" Flyer - 17817

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Back To The Future Ride -  Save The Clock Tower  Flyer - 17817
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This prop "Save The Clock Tower" flyer was custom-printed for use as set dressing in the ride waiting rooms. The flyer features the image of the Hill Valley Telegraph newspaper article with the headline "Clock Tower Struck By Lightning" and across the bottom "Please make Donations To The Hill Valley Preservation Society". Measures 8.5" x 11".

This is one of the first versions of the clock tower flyers seen during filming with Eric Stoltz. The clock tower is a different building than the one in the final film with Michael J. Fox. However the UK BTTF 1 Sticker Album that came out in 1985 and the 2010 Blu-Ray & DVD release shows footage of Eric Stoltz holding a blue "alternate" clock tower flyer like this one. The flyers were printed in yellow, white, and blue as seen in the final film.

This exact clock tower flyer was printed for display at Universal Studios Florida.