Antique "God Bless Our Home" Watercolor #2359872

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Antique  God Bless Our Home  Watercolor  #2359872
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<P>In the style of the Victorian Motto Samplers of the turn of the 20th century, this watercolor painting holds its own.

<P>This painting features two sprays of thorny roses and reads, "God Bless Our Home" in an elaborate hand painted typeface. There is also bleeding heart ensconced in a ring of thorns that has flames coming out of the top of it around the cross. This obviously has some significant religious meaning, but I am not sure what.

<P>This is an original watercolor painting. If you look closely with a magnifier you can see the outlines and pencil marks. The work is beautiful and well done with just the right amount of watercolor bleeding and not too much to look sloppy. The colors are solid and have a nice saturation.

<P>The artwork is matted with a homemade mat of the same type of paper. The whole thing is in a very nice antique dark tiger striped wooden frame.

<P>Item is 12.25" high by 25.25" wide.

<P>The whole thing is in good antique condition.
<P>Please see photos.
<P>Please email with any questions.
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#: 2351_W</td>
<tr><td>Year:ca. 1930</td></tr>



<tr><td>Title:Antique "God Bless Our Home" Watercolor </td></tr>

<tr><td>Location:Batavia, IL</td></tr>