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Ancient Deccan, South- East Maharashtra region, Uninscribed Biface Taurine Shape Cast Copper, 9.54g, Obv: Triangle headed standard and a box-like symbol in the upper section; Shrivatsa in the lower section, Rev: Triangle headed standard in the upper section, Nandipada in the lower section (Unpublished in major sources). Extremely fine, extremely rare.
The tradition of casting coins in different shapes has been known from certain regions in the North – there is a series of cast copper coins of ‘Damaru’, diamond, semi-circle etc shapes known from Kaushambi. However intentionally fashioning coins in a shape that was of a reverential symbol appears to have been a practice confined to the West and the South. This coin is of an extremely rare type, which is shaped like the holy symbol of Nandipada or taurine. The symbol, originally perhaps of a bovine significance was later taken up by the Buddhists to denote the ‘three jewels’ – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – of their faith. There is hardly any comparison to this unique shape in the broad range of early uninscribed cast copper coins.