Alan Miotke | Archimedes' Gift

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Alan Miotke | Archimedes' Gift
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Alan Miotke
Mount Prospect, Illinois

Archimedes' Gift, 2016
Bubinga, maple, bloodwood, acrylic paints
6 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches | 15.24 x 13.97 x 11.43 cm

Archimedes’ Gift is a tribute to the man who was so fascinated by the sphere form that he requested one be inscribed on his tombstone. Known for determining the equation for the volume of a sphere before the advent of calculus, he also invented a spiral screw that is used to this day to move water and other materials.

The outer arc began as a sphere that was carved into a spiral. The smaller, textured sphere simulates the movement of materials. Archimedes’ Gift is an abstract interpretation of a few major discoveries from a great mathematician and inventor.

This piece consists of 2 segmented spheres. The larger 5.5" Bubinga sphere was cut into a spiral form. The smaller 3" sphere is pierced, textured, and painted with acrylics to create a sense of motion.

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