ARGENTINA: TIERRA DEL FUEGO: red vulcanite 20 centavo token, ND. EF

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ARGENTINA: TIERRA DEL FUEGO: red vulcanite 20 centavo token, ND. EF
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ARGENTINA: TIERRA DEL FUEGO: red vulcanite 20 centavo token, ND, Rulau-MAG17, at center: S. E. / DE / TIERRA DEL FUEGO // 20¢ at center, VALE above and EN MERCADERIAS below, EF. The largest of the sheep raisingcompanies was the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, organized in 1893. The nucleus of the Society was a portion of the Nogueria lease. In 1894 they gathered supplies at Punta Arenas, contracted for a boat and prepared an expedition to cross the straits and build an estancia in Tierra del Fuego. They chose a site at Caleta Josefma, some miles east of Porvenir. Houses for personnel were constructed, sheds for shearing sheep, bath troughs for ridding sheep of ticks and scab, a store and numerous other buildings and shelters necessary to the life of an estancia. A year later another estancia, San Sebastian, was established lose to the Argentine border. At every opportunity the Society acquired more land and more sheep. As land became scarce, they looked north of the straits and swallowed more property, this time in Santa Cruz Department of Argentina. Tokens are known from two of the largest sheep raising organizations, Sociedad Explotadora del Tierra del Fuego and Estancias Primera y Segunda Argentina of Jose Menendez. It is believed that the tokens were put into use shortly after the organizations of the two companies in the early 1890’s, and used for only a brief period of time. That would account for the fact that similar tokens have not turned up from other of the sheep raising companies. Menendez issued a 20 centavos token fabricated from three layers of vulcanite, tan, black and tan, a 50 centavos token made of red vulcanite and a 1 peso token made of black vulcanite. Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego issued tokens in the same denominations, but in the following colors of vulcanite: 20 centavos, red; 50 centavos, red; 20 centavos, black; and 1 Peso, black. From this it appears that there may have been issued two complete sets of three denomination tokens, one set in red and one in black vulcanite. There are two possible explanations for the issuance of two sets of tokens. First; a wish to differentiate between tokens of different estancias, and second; a lapse of time between issuance of the red and black series of tokens.