Prince's Electronics Drum Computer Info Packet

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Prince's Electronics Drum Computer Info Packet

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Auction Date:2017 Sep 27 @ 18:00 (UTC-5 : EST/CDT)
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ALS - Autograph Letter Signed
ANS - Autograph Note Signed
AQS - Autograph Quotation Signed
AMQS - Autograph Musical Quotation Signed
DS - Document Signed
FDC - First Day Cover
Inscribed - “Personalized”
ISP - Inscribed Signed Photograph
LS - Letter Signed
SP - Signed Photograph
TLS - Typed Letter Signed
Circa 1980 brochure for the Linn LM-1 Drum Computer given to Prince, consisting of the cover letter signed by Roger Linn, price list, flexidisc record of the LM-1 sounds, double-sided brochure page, and envelope marked "Prince." The cover letter describes the LM-1 as a "revolutionary new 'electronic drummer' featuring digital recordings (in computer memory) of actual drums and percussion," and lists artists who have purchased one, including Stevie Wonder, Barry Gibb, David Bowie, Pete Townshend, Supertramp, Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock, Barry White, and others. In fine condition. From the collection of an early Prince insider. The Linn LM-1 was the first drum machine to use digital samples of acoustic drums, and Prince indeed utilized it to help create his signature sound—'1999,' 'Little Red Corvette,' 'When Doves Cry,' and 'Purple Rain' are among the classic tracks to feature the machine.