Al Capone Musical Manuscript

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Al Capone Musical Manuscript

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Auction Date:2012 Sep 30 @ 10:00 (UTC-5 : EST/CDT)
Location:5 Rt 101A Suite 5, Amherst, New Hampshire, 03031, United States
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American organized crime boss (1899–1947), who, through his charisma, political savvy, and sheer ruthless ambition, emerged as the most powerful and influential criminal figure of the Prohibition Era. Exceedingly rare handwritten and signed musical manuscript of ‘Madonna Mia,’ on an off-white 9.5 x 12.25 sheet of musically-lined paper. While incarcerated at Alcatraz, Capone writes out the music and lyrics to ‘Madonna Mia’: “In a quaint I-tal-ian gar-den, while the stars were all a-glow/ Once I heard a lov-er sing-ing. to the one that he loved so In/ that quaint I-talian Gar-den, 'neath the star-ry sky a-bove. Ev'-ry night he'd/ ser-e-nade her, with his ten-der song of love. Ma-don-na/ Mi-a, you're the bloom of the ros-es, you're the charm that re-pos-es, in the heart of a song, Ma-don-na Mi-a, with your true love to guide/ me, let whatever be-tide me. I will never go wrong, There’s/ on-ly one moon a-bove. one gold-en sun, there’s on-Iy one that I love,/ you are the one, Ma-don-na Mi-a, This I vow. here be-fore you,/ til the end. I'll a-dore you. Madon-na Mi-a. " Signed and inscribed at the bottom to his favorite Jesuit priest: “To my good friend Father Vin Casey with the best in all the world for a Merry Christmas always for you, Alphonse Capone.” Matted and framed with a portrait of Capone with a cigar clenched between his teeth to an overall size of 25 x 19.25. Central horizontal and vertical fold, small crease to lower left corner tip, and mild edge toning, otherwise fine condition.

While imprisoned for tax evasion, Al Capone developed a close friendship with Vincent Casey, a Jesuit priest in training who visited Alcatraz to offer spiritual counsel to prisoners in the 1930s. Already quite accomplished on the mandola, he took advantage of his spare time in prison to further hone his musical skills. After two years of meeting in his cell every Saturday, Capone penned this original composition, a beautiful love song about his wife Mae, as a Christmas gift for his friend and confidant Casey. This remarkably rare piece, the only one of its kind known to exist, captures the softer side of the man remembered for his brutal methods.