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Van Rensburg Wildlife Art Studio

A family owned business that only sells Nic van Rensburg's and Armand van Rensburg's art – fine art paintings and bronze wildlife sculptures, for the past 27 years. Our studio/gallery is in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. Our artists are Nic van Rensburg and his son, Armand.

Nic van Rensburg - Artist and Sculptor

We would like to introduce you to the multi-talented artist, Nic van Rensburg, who specializes in wildlife studies, paintings in oil or acrylics, as well as sculptures in bronze and acrylic resin pigments. He has a God given talent to let the calls of the wild echo in his art. He learned to paint and sculpt by acute observation, without any formal training, thus developing his own individual style.
Nic was born in 1959 and he is a full time artist for 27 years now, privileged to be able to work and live his passion. Nic gets his inspiration from the bush, observing nature first hand and spends a lot of time at private game lodges and the Kruger National Park, taking photographs and collecting reference material. In 2021 he moved to Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa, where his studio and gallery is currently, excited to be here, as Hermanus has become quite the art hub. Sculpting is an art form very close to his heart and to have a bronze foundry on his doorstep, in Cape Town, makes it so convenient to have a “hands on” approach, to ensure a quality art piece. With the bronzes he always tries to capture the typical, natural movement of each animal, true to their nature.
Nic also paints vibrant, bright colored landscapes since 2003 – Farm scenes true to the South African landscape, also Flowers, Arabian horses and Nguni cattle.
Nic held exhibitions in France and he was invited by the South African Ambassador in Paris for a two week long exhibition at the Embassy. Some of his works are in private and corporate collections all over the world – South Africa, Canada, America, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Mauritius, Namibia and Australia.

Armand van Rensburg - Sculptor

Armand was born on the 13th September 2000, in Nelspruit, South Africa.
Because he grew up in the Lowveld, close to the Kruger National Park, his passion for wildlife was born out of all the visits with his parents to the Park.
He finished high school successfully Des 2018 at Curro Nelspruit.
From a very young age Armand has shown interest in sculpting animals with clay. Watching his father, Nic van Rensburg, a full time artist and sculptor, on a daily basis, has motivated him to start his first clay sculpture.
Blessed with an incredible artistic talent and only advice and encouragement from his father, he set out with a very difficult sculpture – a small study of a running cheetah. 2014 was the start of his career as a sculptor – because his first sculpture was such a great success and inspiration, he was motivated and cannot stop sculpting - a bush buck chased by a running cheetah, warthog family, a bust set of the Big 5, Giraffe trio – busts, a range of small Kruger National bird life and his first big piece, a life size Sable bust.
While he shares his father’s work ethic, he brings his own style and ideas to provide the gallery with a wider range of talents. His work is now on display in his own gallery in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. He is currently focusing on figure and face studies in bronze and acrylic resin pigments (GRP), opting for life size and larger sculptures. He is looking forward to an exciting career – living his passion!

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