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We are an internet based auction company affiliated with ICollector. Having well over 40 years of experience buying and selling art and antique, Lucy Lewis, Acoma pottery, all of the northern pueblos work. Textiles, Four Corners Trading Post. Chiefs Blankets, Germantown weavings, rattles and drums many Hopi Dance Ceremonial items.

Authenticated Pre Columbian pottery Chacon, Anasazi, Casa Grande, Meso American, Colima, Vera Cruz, Mayan and Aztec.

Contemporary We have a diverse group of potters in a class unto themselves. Tops on the list is: Peter Voulkos, colleagues Henry Gernhardt’s collaboration and work. Who’s who in America pottery. Contemporary photographers, Ansel Adams, Bob Firth and Robert McCall.

A large collection of Edward S. Curtis photogravures, Wanamaker Dixon Expedition photogravures. Frank B. Fiske original prints and postcards.

Baskets from Thompson River, Apache, Pima, Papago, Pine straw, Sweetgrass. Polychrome and Effigy figural baskets. Navajo wedding, Apache burden baskets.

We also offer a wide range of collectible antiques, true antiques and vintage items. Gold coins, silver coins, numismatic and bullion treasures. Civil War coins, shipwreck coins from The Republic. Many other Civil War related items of historical importance, kepis, buttons, guns and swords.

Antique books for the bibliophiles serious collectors of the classics. Great American Classics from Moby Dick, Robin Hood, The Wizard of Oz in search of the Fabulous Forty. Other classics, Rudyard Kipling, First Edition books Will James, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Baum.
N.C Wyeth illustrations, Howard Pyle and the Brandywine School of Art. Folk Art,

We also sell many other items such as vintage toys, antique cars, trains. Vintage Steiff Bears,
Comic books, records the Beatles White album, vinyl LP collection rock rhythm and blues.

With a way range of collectibles our auctions bring something for everyone. items that you can be passionate about and won’t be disappointed in.

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