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About Mary L. Martin Ltd

As a three-generation company, since 1966, Mary L. Martin Ltd. Postcards has been dedicated first and foremost to postcard collectors. Whether it be a first-time buyer, or an experienced, postcard connoisseur, the satisfaction and positive experience of the customer has always been the main priority.
Fifty years ago, Mary Martin held her first rarity mail auction, showcasing beautiful cards from all over the world. Fast forward, and we have taken these auctions and made them more accessible, convenient, and modern, appealing to customers of both new and old. Mary Martin Ltd. will now offer online postcard auctions every month. The variety, rarity, and content of each auction will differ from month to month; some auctions will feature some of the most valuable collections ever assembled, while others are more geared towards the conventional collector.
No matter the amount or price of the cards that are bought, customers can buy with total confidence, as we are committed to excellent personal client service. In addition, we are always happy to share expertise in regard to any of the offerings. Feel free to reach out to Mary or Joe at any time. Although our original location is in Perryville, our second location, in Havre de Grace, is open to the public, and is where our live auctions are held.

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