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Family Owned Since 1988

Since its establishment in 1988, High Noon has been a partnership dedicated to the enjoyment, promotion, and preservation of the arts tied to the heart and traditions of the American West.

Range of Merchandise: Like you, we have followed the American Cowboy from his rise following the Civil War in 1865, through the hardships and triumphs of Western expansion, culminating in Hollywood's silver screen versions of the rough-edged heroes we admired growing up.

High Noon also specializes in Charro and Vaquero artifacts dating from the mid-1800s, Native American historic and reservation period pieces, and Fine Western Art.

We are drawn to the pieces we collect for auction in part because we see that most craftsmen were not content to stop when form followed function; embellishment became part of superior craftsmanship. Note the detailed designs on the tools of the cowboy's trade; the multicolored beads on Sioux vests, even the paintings and silverwork on otherwise commonplace items like rodeo buckles.

We would like to be your partner in collecting. It will be our pleasure to locate just the right pieces, great or small, to complement or begin your collection.

We look forward to talking about our favorite subject with you.
Your friends at High Noon Western Americana,
Joseph Sherwood, Linda Kohn Sherwood, and Danny Verrier

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