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About Blacksparrow Auctions

Blacksparrow Auctions is a boutique auction house with a collective 80 years’ experience dealing with Hollywood memorabilia, rare books, autographs, and pop culture collectibles. We recognize that collecting and preserving mementos serves a crucial role in our culture and society.

We also understand that the connection between collectors and their treasures is a wonderful mix of emotions, nostalgia, delight and pride. This cognizance is the foundation of our mission statement, that we are dedicated to customizing themed auctions to celebrate the collector and his or her collection and to establishing an environment where collectors and enthusiasts alike can share in a rich, memorable, entertaining and interactive experience.

We further recognize that we are in the enviable position of being the interface between collectors and consignors. We take that responsibility seriously. We have an extensive network of international partners, who we will coalesce to create the best user experience possible for our events. Moreover, our company works on a personal level in all stages of interaction, from consignment to bidding in our auctions to the final delivery of a treasured collectible.

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