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About All-Rite Auctions LTD

We Auction Everything Except, Spouse and Kids. Est. in 1989 where, we
specialize in Asset Recovery. We do Commercial and Residential auctions from;
Acreages, Farms, Real Estate, Industrial, Seizures, Vehicles, Coin/Jewelry,
Antiques, and much more... Unlike other auction companies, we are extremely
mobile within Alberta, and can do Off-site and On-site auctions. All-Rite
Auctions made a name for itself, in the auctioning world and our customers keep
coming back because we’re dependable, knowledgeable and we don’t just meet
expectations; we exceed them. With over 28 years’ experience, over 1000
successful Auctions and strategic marketing campaigns we can help your asset
recovery with satisfaction!
Some of our major auctions in the past include; The Timberlea Subdivision
(Fort McMurray), several Heavy Equipment Close-outs, Restaurant Equipment,
CanadianTire Store relocations, Future Shop, Bass Pro shop, Keyano College’s
Heavy equipment yard (Gregoire), Husky oil Plant closure, Alberta government
Surplus and of course our many Estate and General residential auctions. We
enjoy serving them all.

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All-Rite Auctions LTD
Daysland, Alberta, Canada
2024 Feb 25 @ 18:00Auction Local Time (UTC-7 : PDT/MST)
2024 Feb 25 @ 17:00Pacific Time
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