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1 Great Deal Auctions is dedicated to bringing you great merchandise at affordable prices. We are a full service auction company licensed by the state of Idaho. We offer a wide variety of items from all around the globe, including but not limited to gold and silver coins, paper currency, fine jewelry, luxury watches, artwork, luxury handbags, collectibles and much more. Our customer service team treats every customer with the care and respect that you deserve. We value your needs and understand the importance of your time. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We guarantee that all of our items are as we describe.

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Huge Rare Currency and Coin Event!Huge Rare Currency and Coin Event!($1 Start)
1 Great Deal Auctions
Meridian, Idaho, United States
2021 Feb 28 @ 06:45Auction Local Time (UTC-7 : PDT/MST)
2021 Feb 28 @ 05:45Pacific Time
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