Trains, Planes & Automobiles

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Trains, Planes & Automobiles, is the theme for this awesome toy auction. If you love them we got'em. These items will surely take you for a trip down memory lane.

Items include...

Trains from Germany, Lionel trains, and others. Plus toy planes of all sizes, a 1960's Buddy L toy car carrier, a #16 Ted Musgrave die cast car bank.

This is a great opportunity to add to a collection, start a new one or make that special child in your life very happy. Trains make lasting memories, don't miss out on this great collection.
Military Helicopter100Military Helicopter
2Sisters Trading Post
Die Cast Unknown Maker A140 made in China. One Nighthawk HH-60D US Military Helicopter. Great piece very nice condition no scuffs, decals are solid.
Estimates : 6.97 - 14.99
Sold to paneevan for (3.50 + 0.63) x 1 = 4.13
Revell Plastic Model Kit/Bradley Fighting Vehicle101Revell Plastic Model Kit/Bradley Fighting Vehicle
2Sisters Trading Post
Revell Model Kit #03143 Skill level 4. NIB M2/M3 Bradley Tracked Armored Fighting Vehicle used by US Army to transport infantry on the battlefield, to
Start Price : 6.00 | Estimates : 11.95 - 22.95
BUDDY L Transport102BUDDY L Transport
2Sisters Trading Post
Vintage 1960's Buddy L Auto Transport in Turquoise Blue. Overall measurement 26' long x 5.5" wide x 6" high. Used in very nice con...
Start Price : 32.50 | Estimates : 65.00 - 100.00
REDBOX Goodyear Transport103REDBOX Goodyear Transport
2Sisters Trading Post
1999 Redbox #69039 'Goodyear' Tractor Trailer Matchbox, Hotwheels Carrier. The truck holds 50+ die cast autos behind clear plastic hinged do...
Start Price : 7.50 | Estimates : 19.99 - 40.00
HO SCALE Tractor Trailer104HO SCALE Tractor Trailer
2Sisters Trading Post
1998 Smart Toys HO Series Collections. NIC Day Tripper Tractor & "K" Line KKLU 3212163 Trailer. The seal has been opened but truck is ...
Estimates : 9.98 - 23.99
Sold to LChief for (5.00 + 0.90) x 1 = 5.90
Mattel Transport105Mattel Transport
2Sisters Trading Post
2000 Mattel Tractor Trailer Hotwheels Carrier. Mattel of course made this with hotwheels in mind, holds any standard die cast car. Holds 8-10 cars dep
Start Price : 3.00 | Estimates : 5.99 - 9.99
Action Die Cast Racing Car106Action Die Cast Racing Car
2Sisters Trading Post
Action Die Cast Car #8 Dale Earnhardt JR, CHEVY Monte Carlo. Car is used in good played with condition. Decals and paint look good. NOTE: some scuffi
Start Price : 2.00 | Estimates : 4.00 - 9.99
Hotwheels Die Cast Hydroplane107Hotwheels Die Cast Hydroplane
2Sisters Trading Post
1997 Hotwheels Biohazard Series Hydroplane 1 of 4 Cars. Used in fair condition decals look good. Needs a good cleaning. NOTE: paint is chipped &...
Start Price : 1.00 | Estimates : 2.00 - 4.99
Racing Champions Bank108Racing Champions Bank
2Sisters Trading Post
1998 Racing Champions 1/24th Scale Bank #16 Ted Musgrave sponsored by Primestar Ford Taurus. There were only 5,000 of the banks made worldwide. Has th
Start Price : 2.50 | Estimates : 5.00 - 25.00
Car Accessory109Car Accessory
2Sisters Trading Post
Pine Car, Gear Rippin Green P3958 Complete Paint System
Start Price : 2.50 | Estimates : 4.75 - 8.50
Signature Models Plymouth110Signature Models Plymouth
2Sisters Trading Post
This is one sweet piece, 1956 Plymouth 2 door hardtop Belvedere in Classic black and red. The only other color more populor in this model and year was
Estimates : 19.99 - 69.99
Sold to LChief for (10.00 + 1.80) x 1 = 11.80