QING: AV rectangular cast ingot (367.51g). EF

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QING: AV rectangular cast ingot (367.51g). EF
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QING: AV rectangular cast ingot (367.51g), 26mm x 79mm x 14mm, undated gold bar circa 1745, weight equal to approximately 10 taels (liang), cast in a boat shape with the top having stamped Chinese characters yuan ji (assayer name) and bao (precious) twice, the underside has stamped characters ding yuan, at right and left, EF, RRR. Nearly identical to the bars from the wrecks of the French East India Company vessel Prince de onty, and to the Dutch East-Indiaman Geldermalsen. The Prince de Conty wreck was located in 1976 by Patrick Lizé through archival research. It is one of the few vessels of the French East India Company that has been studied up to now. The 600-ton ship was constructed in 1743 by the architect Chambry junior. On 3 December 1746, on its return from China, it lost its way around the South-Western coast of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, about two hours off Lorient, the Company's official harbor. The VOC East-Indiaman ship Geldermalsen sunk in 1752 with 147 pieces of gold bars and sycee. She was built in 1736 by the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) and in service for the Kamer van Zeeland. She sank on 18 January 1752 on a homeward voyage from China with tea, china, chinese gold bullion and general cargo, was lost on Geldria shoal, South China Sea. 80 hands were lost, 32 survived. The wreck was discovered in 1984 by Mike Hatcher and salvaged and the treasure was sold at Christie's under the 'Nanking cargo' name .