Patsy Cline

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Patsy Cline

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ALS - Autograph Letter Signed
ANS - Autograph Note Signed
AQS - Autograph Quotation Signed
AMQS - Autograph Musical Quotation Signed
DS - Document Signed
FDC - First Day Cover
Inscribed - “Personalized”
ISP - Inscribed Signed Photograph
LS - Letter Signed
SP - Signed Photograph
TLS - Typed Letter Signed
A heartwarming and incredibly introspective assortment of 13 ALSs, including two postcards, a government postal card, a ‘thank you’ card, and one letter written on Cline’s favorite butterfly stationery, the vast majority addressed to star-struck fan and president of the Patsy Cline fan club, Treva Miller Steinbicker. This intimate collection of correspondence transports the reader back to Cline’s early days, as she experiences the climb to stardom and the chaos and loneliness it sometimes entails, her devastation on the impact her demanding schedule was having on a volatile marriage, and her joy in finding her one true love and bearing her oldest child, Julie. Throughout each letter, her unique and always warm personality emanates from her sincere and heartfelt words, making this collection an amazing road map to the very essence of the woman who would become one of the most beloved female country music icons of all time.

The letters, spanning from 1955–1958, provide a wide range of glimpses into Cline’s aspirations, her hectic schedule and pregnancy, and the financial demands of the road:

November 1955: Amazing content letter, boldly penned, and in pristine condition “Ever since I was four years old, I’ve dreamed and prayed that some day I might be able to hear my self on record, and to be an entertainer. Now that I’m going to do just that, I still can’t believe it…I know that I would never have made it without the help and kindness of friends and the man upstairs.”

February 1956 [on official Patsy Cline, Coral Recording Artist stationery]: “I’ve been married 3 1/2 years and in 55’ in June I left him because he’s [first husband Gerald Clineher] just so jealous of my singing...this past Nov, we went back together but I’m afraid things aren’t going to work out. He’s 33 and I’m 23...I’m his 3rd wife...if things come down to a point as a divorce I’m certainly not going to marry again.” Despite her intentions of remaining single, Cline would go on to marry the love of her life, Charlie Dick, in 1957.

July 1956 [on official Patsy Cline, Coral Recording Artist stationery]: “I’m working six days a week and I’ve been going to the Dr. He says I’m not getting enough rest and he’s going to put me in bed about three days a week or the hospital if I don’t slow down.

February 1957 [on beautiful onionskin yellow butterfly stationery] Cline details her many engagements as her career rises, though she refreshingly still maintains her humbleness towards her adoring fans: “Back to California for The Tenn. Ernie Ford (daily) show, the Art Linklidder [sic] show, and the Bing Crosby show...then to the Ed Sullivan Show in New York ...I just never received such letters in my life, I just sit right down and cry everytime, I get a pile of them.

March 1958: From Hawaii [on The Waikikian hotel stationery], “I’ve never been so home sick, lonesome, tired, discussted [sic], & worried in all my life.”

April 1958 [on The Park Hotel stationery, Chattanooga TN]: “I’m down to my last $10.00 and I owe everybody including you. Ha…on my income tax total of plane fares, for 57 it was $4500.00, just plane tickets. I could own one of them things.”

The letters ring with personal details regarding Cline’s failing marriage to her first husband Gerald Clineher, advice regarding Steinbicker’s own relationship, her costume designs and all of the help her mother provided by creating them, and every proposed tour, television appearance and performance opportunity offered to the singer over the course of those three years. Also included is a ‘fan letter’ that Cline composed for Steinbicker to include in the fan club newsletters, in which she details her Hawaii trip, updates from her doctor regarding her pregnancy, the release of her record Let the Tear Drops Fall, every word glowing with the infectious enthusiasm that made Patsy Cline the radiating star that she was.

In fine condition. Accompanied by the book, Love Always, Patsy, which provides a complete and comprehensive presentation of the letters and their history, a plethora of fan letters and two laser-printed photos of Steinbicker and Cline from their first meeting.