Ontario Bank Correspondence to ABNC for a Banknote Printing Order.

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Ontario Bank Correspondence to ABNC for a Banknote Printing Order.

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Auction Date:2010 Apr 15 @ 11:00 (UTC-4 : AST/EDT)
Location:Crowne Plaza Hotel. 401 South Van Brunt St, Englewood, New Jersey, 07631, United States
Ontario. 3 different letters from the Ontario Bank on the banks letterhead. 1). 14th Toronto. February, 1888. Letter from bank Mr.Smith (Manager), requesting ABNC to return cancelled notes (Proofs or specimens?) of the Ontario Bank banknotes left with ABNC. The manager apologizes for the delay and mentions his concern with the Canadian Legislature and the possibility they may enact laws relating to banking and currency which could affect them. (Possibly relating to the 1888 banknote issue for Ontario Bank that was printed by ABNC); 2). 23rd September, 1891. Typed letter signed by C.Holland, General Manager, regarding the preparation of $200,000 in $20 denomination banknotes and that the numbering of the notes range between 5000 to 10,000 and Series A to B. He also requests that they rush the order. This is evidently for printing additional $20 Ontario Bank, 1888 series notes that they reprinted for their use; 3). 28th December, 1891. Handwritten letter from C. Smith apologizing for the delay in payment for a banknote order and that he is including a draft for $326.65 included with the letter. The letter is signed by him. Also included is a 2 page list of internal ABNC correspondence from this bank. VF to XF condition. Unique historic correspondence to ABNC from this bank. ABNC.