John Harvey Kellogg

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John Harvey Kellogg

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Physician and promoter of health foods (1852–1943) best known for his invention of Corn Flakes. TLS, three pages, 8.5 x 11, personal letterhead, July 9, 1933. Letter to Dr. James T. Case, in part: "I have been completely buried up in some writing that I have been trying to do for the Sanitarium…I have been working night and day and even while I was asleep have dreamed of nothing else…I envy Roosevelt, who has a 'brain trust' to do his thinking for him…The Sanitarium, as you know, is in the receiver's hands—a friendly receivership, which is a protection. Business is picking up a little…President Roosevelt is making some big experiments. Nobody knows how they will turn out. If he had as much good sense as Mussolini, he might make it go, but I confess I am rather doubtful…I had 6,000 bushels of corn on the big farm Mrs. Henderson gave the College. Last fall I was offered 14¢ for it. I refused to sell. Was offered last spring 25¢. I still refused to sell. A week or two ago, I sold for 40¢…Good weather ought to give us 10,000 bushels. It would give us a little start toward paying up a $17,000 debt which the farm has accumulated…I am sorry Dr. Norton wrote you just as he did, as he didn't give you just the right impression. The matter of his courses in x-ray and electrocardiograph is simply in suspension…I would certainly like to have him have your instruction, as I believe you know a lot of things about x-rays which few x-ray men know. Dr. Norton has been working hard on electrocardiography for three years. Has got the theory well mastered and has seen a lot of cases…How is the spinal cancer case coming along?…P.S. I am told the Mayos have been having a dreadfully hard time; that they are much worse off than we are here in Battle Creek." In fine condition, with a few scattered stains.