Historical Revolutionary War, State of Pennsylvania Continental Gun Factory Flintlock Pistol with 5t

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Historical Revolutionary War, State of Pennsylvania Continental Gun Factory Flintlock Pistol with 5t
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Revolutionary War flintlock pistol that was manufactured by the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety gun factory at Lancaster, Pennsylvania circa 1776-1777. Under direction by the Continental Congress, the Committee of Safety established the Lancaster factory in February of 1776, as well as the French Creek Factory and Continental Brass Foundry in Philadelphia, which supplied component parts to Lancaster. The pistol has a pin-fastened, part-round/part-octagon French-made, 62 caliber, smoothbore barrel. The barrel has a prominent brass front sight blade. The left barrel flat is stamped with a "Crown/FW" that the consigner identifies as a French proofmark. A "Crown/S" French special proof (military charge) is stamped on the right barrel flat, and the "D" stamp associated with Charleville is present on the underside. "5.H.R." is boldly stamped on the top of the barrel and tang, which the consignor documents indicate that this marking stands for 5 Company, Huntington Rifles, Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment. Originally of the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment and later with the 1st Continental Regiment of Washington's Army, Pennsylvania Riflemen enjoyed a reputation as hardy men and superb marksmen capable of dispatching British officers from well beyond conventional musket range. The lock plate bears markings associated with the French Creek Factory, flat with beveled edges and a distinct tail, a flat, reinforced cock with beveled edges, and a detachable brass pan, with the hammer screw is stamped "3" and the frizzen screw is stamped "23". The stock is walnut or maple and fitted with a brass forearm cap, ramrod pipe, side plate, trigger guard and buttcap. The side plate and side plate screws are stamped with a "7", the assembler's mark for armorer station #7 at the Continental Factory. The bottom of the trigger guard is boldly stamped "3. E./Arrow 3.", the mark of Pennsylvania ownership. Markings such as these were assigned to the States, so the arms could be returned to their State of origin after the Revolution, without giving away their point of origin to the British, if captured. Included with the pistol is a collection of research performed by the consignor, including an in-depth analysis of the individual markings, with illustrations.
BBL: 9 1/2 In
Stock: walnut
Gauge: 62 smoothbore
Serial Number: 3
Condition: The pistol is in very good overall condition. The condition is exceptional for a Revolutionary War weapon. The barrel and lock have a brown patina; with smooth surfaces, sharp markings and only very minor flash pitting. The stock has been lightly cleaned but is in very good condition with sharp edges and only minor handling marks. The brass furniture has an attractive aged patina. This is an exceptional original example of an extremely rare Pennsylvania Gun Factory flintlock pistol with Pennsylvania Huntington Rifle Regiment markings. Quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a documented piece of American Revolutionary War history! Nearly impossible to estimate true value (see estimate).