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(FUN) Signature Sale - Session 3

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1799 S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.72661799 S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.
1799 S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.XF Details, Net VF20. B-13, BB-151. Identifiable by the die flaws around the E in STATES and others beneath the lower two
Estimates : 450.00 - 750.00
1799 S$1 VF20 Repaired, Uncertified.72671799 S$1 VF20 Repaired, Uncertified.
1799 S$1 VF20 Repaired, Uncertified.B-5, BB-157. Close examination reveals a professional repair at the top of the obverse between the ER of LIBERT
Estimates : 320.00 - 550.00
1799 S$1 VF35 NGC.72681799 S$1 VF35 NGC.
1799 S$1 VF35 NGC.B-11, BB-161. Die State Three. Both sides are toned in original lavender-gray shades that deepen to charcoal toning around the ob
Estimates : 725.00 - 1,200.00
1799 S$1 XF45 ICG.72691799 S$1 XF45 ICG.
1799 S$1 XF45 ICG.B-8, BB-165, R.2. There are 23 known varieties of 1799 Bust Dollars, but the B-8 variety is easy to attribute due to its die crac
Estimates : 900.00 - 1,500.00
1799 S$1 Normal Date XF45 Uncertified.72701799 S$1 Normal Date XF45 Uncertified.
1799 S$1 Normal Date XF45 Uncertified.B-12, BB-160, R.2. This variety of the 1799 Dollar is easier to attribute than most, courtesy of the interest
Estimates : 575.00 - 950.00
1799/8 S$1 13 Stars Reverse--Corroded, Cleaned--ANACS.72711799/8 S$1 13 Stars Reverse--Corroded, Cleaned--ANACS.
1799/8 S$1 13 Stars Reverse--Corroded, Cleaned--ANACS.VF Details, Net Fine 12. B-2, BB-143. The scarcest of the three overdate varieties of this is
Estimates : 320.00 - 550.00
1800 S$1--Date Tooled--ANACS.72721800 S$1--Date Tooled--ANACS.
1800 S$1--Date Tooled--ANACS.Fine Details, Net VG8. B-16, BB-187. Steel-gray devices are complimented by pastel lilac fields. The shield details ar
Estimates : 190.00 - 320.00
1800 S$1--Repaired, Whizzed--ANACS.72731800 S$1--Repaired, Whizzed--ANACS.
1800 S$1--Repaired, Whizzed--ANACS.XF Details, Net VG10. B-10, BB-190. This coin offers bold overall definition for a modest sum. The impression is
Estimates : 135.00 - 220.00
1800 S$1 VF20 ANACS.72741800 S$1 VF20 ANACS.
1800 S$1 VF20 ANACS.B-19, BB-192. One of the two AMERICAI varieties, inadvertently made by a die scratch in the mint. Medium gray patina covers bot
Estimates : 600.00 - 975.00
1800 S$1 VF35 PCGS.72751800 S$1 VF35 PCGS.
1800 S$1 VF35 PCGS.B-4, BB-186. The obverse is somewhat more sharply detailed than the reverse, but both sides display an even endowment of deep st
Estimates : 725.00 - 1,200.00
1801 S$1 XF45 ANACS.72761801 S$1 XF45 ANACS.
1801 S$1 XF45 ANACS.B-4, BB-214. This is an original looking example with a nearly uniform endowment of lavender-gray patina. Deeper russet tinged
Estimates : 1,200.00 - 2,000.00
1802/1 S$1 Wide Date--Cleaned--ANACS.72771802/1 S$1 Wide Date--Cleaned--ANACS.
1802/1 S$1 Wide Date--Cleaned--ANACS.XF Details, Net VF30. B-3, BB-234. A few hints of tan iridescence are seen on the obverse, but the outward app
Estimates : 575.00 - 950.00
1803 S$1 Large 3 XF40 ANACS.72781803 S$1 Large 3 XF40 ANACS.
1803 S$1 Large 3 XF40 ANACS.B-6, BB-255, R.1. Blushes of olive-yellow grace the high points of the devices, while traces of russet are in the perip
Estimates : 950.00 - 1,600.00
1803 S$1 Large 3 XF40 ANACS.72791803 S$1 Large 3 XF40 ANACS.
1803 S$1 Large 3 XF40 ANACS.B-6, BB-255, R.1. Contrasting shades of lavender and silver-white add to the eye appeal of this Bust Dollar, which is r
Estimates : 875.00 - 1,450.00
1803 S$1 Large 3 XF40 ICG.72801803 S$1 Large 3 XF40 ICG.
1803 S$1 Large 3 XF40 ICG.B-6, BB-255. Evenly worn with approximately 30 degrees of counterclockwise die rotation on the reverse. Close examination
Estimates : 725.00 - 1,200.00
Undated and Unsigned (1836) Gobrecht Dollar Uniface "Splasher," Listed in Judd on Page 227, Pollock-7281Undated and Unsigned (1836) Gobrecht Dollar Uniface "Splasher," Listed in Judd on Page 227, Pollock-
Undated and Unsigned (1836) Gobrecht Dollar Uniface "Splasher," Listed in Judd on Page 227, Pollock-3025, R.8, MS60 Uncertified. Obverse d...
Estimates : 380.00 - 625.00
1836 PS$1 Name on Base, Judd-60 Restrike, Pollock-60, R.72821836 PS$1 Name on Base, Judd-60 Restrike, Pollock-60, R.
1836 PS$1 Name on Base, Judd-60 Restrike, Pollock-60, R.2-3--Cleaned--ANACS. Proof, Net PR50. Die Alignment II. Plain Edge. Silver. Minted in March
Estimates : 3,400.00 - 5,750.00
1836 PS$1 Name on Base, Judd-60 Original, Pollock-65, R.72831836 PS$1 Name on Base, Judd-60 Original, Pollock-65, R.
1836 PS$1 Name on Base, Judd-60 Original, Pollock-65, R.2-3, PR61 NGC. Die Alignment I. Examples of this die alignment are believed to be the first
Estimates : 4,000.00 - 6,750.00
1840 S$1 AU50 ANACS.72841840 S$1 AU50 ANACS.
1840 S$1 AU50 ANACS.The first of the Seated Liberty dollars, this smooth example displays light, original toning over minimally worn, subtly lustro
Estimates : 245.00 - 410.00
1844 S$1 AU53 PCGS.72851844 S$1 AU53 PCGS.
1844 S$1 AU53 PCGS.A silver-gray Silver Dollar on which the central elements still appear bold against a backdrop of heavy contact and milling mark
Estimates : 360.00 - 600.00
1844 S$1 AU55 PCGS.72861844 S$1 AU55 PCGS.
1844 S$1 AU55 PCGS.Light rub appears on the head and stars, but the balance of the elements are as well defined as when they were first struck. A h
Estimates : 525.00 - 850.00
1844 S$1 AU58 ANACS.72871844 S$1 AU58 ANACS.
1844 S$1 AU58 ANACS.Brilliant and well struck but with muted luster. Slight rub can be seen on the knee of Liberty. There are numerous field abrasi
Estimates : 675.00 - 1,150.00
1847 S$1 AU55 PCGS.72881847 S$1 AU55 PCGS.
1847 S$1 AU55 PCGS.Well detailed with an even layer of soft silver-gray patina. One of the more available No Motto dollars. Important notice: We e
Estimates : 290.00 - 470.00
1849 S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.72891849 S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.
1849 S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.Unc. Details, Net AU55. Both sides are sharply struck in all but a few areas. The scattered abrasions suggest a BU grade,
Estimates : 300.00 - 500.00
1850-O S$1 AU53 ANACS.72901850-O S$1 AU53 ANACS.
1850-O S$1 AU53 ANACS.A key date Seated dollar from New Orleans that it usually encountered in heavily worn condition. The present specimen boasts
Estimates : 1,150.00 - 1,900.00
1853 S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.72911853 S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.
1853 S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.AU Details, Net XF40. Although noticeably cleaned and polished, a well detailed example of this scarcer (46,110 pieces) is
Estimates : 115.00 - 190.00
1859 S$1 MS62 ANACS.72921859 S$1 MS62 ANACS.
1859 S$1 MS62 ANACS.Mostly brilliant with above average sharpness and striated, highly lustrous fields that are surprisingly unaffected (considerin
Estimates : 1,950.00 - 3,300.00
1859-S S$1--Corrosion Streak--ANACS.72931859-S S$1--Corrosion Streak--ANACS.
1859-S S$1--Corrosion Streak--ANACS.AU Details, Net XF40. A diagonal streak runs from the base of the effigy of Liberty to the 12th and 13th stars.
Estimates : 300.00 - 500.00
1859-S S$1 AU58 NGC.72941859-S S$1 AU58 NGC.
1859-S S$1 AU58 NGC.Although the San Francisco Mint began production of gold and smaller silver coins in 1854 and 1855, respectively, the first Sil
Estimates : 1,650.00 - 2,800.00
1860-O S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.72951860-O S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.
1860-O S$1--Cleaned--ANACS.AU Details, Net XF40. The brightly cleaned surfaces show just a bit of light color on the obverse. In the upper right re
Estimates : 130.00 - 215.00
1860-O S$1 MS61 ANACS.72961860-O S$1 MS61 ANACS.
1860-O S$1 MS61 ANACS.An untoned coin with full cartwheel luster and expertly detailed devices. The field abrasions that plague most 1860-O dollar
Estimates : 600.00 - 1,000.00
1860-O S$1 MS62 PCGS.72971860-O S$1 MS62 PCGS.
1860-O S$1 MS62 PCGS.The hazy, mostly untoned surfaces are free from any offensive abrasions. A bit weakly struck in some areas. Important notice:
Estimates : 675.00 - 1,100.00
1860-O S$1 MS62 ANACS.72981860-O S$1 MS62 ANACS.
1860-O S$1 MS62 ANACS.This brilliant example has highly lustrous surfaces that show minor striking weakness on Liberty's head and the star centr...
Estimates : 650.00 - 1,100.00
1860-O S$1 MS63 ICG.72991860-O S$1 MS63 ICG.
1860-O S$1 MS63 ICG.Good cartwheel luster introduces this coin, which also has a sharp strike and an interesting die crack (as struck) from the rim
Estimates : 10.00 - 100.00
1869 S$1 AU50 ICG.73001869 S$1 AU50 ICG.
1869 S$1 AU50 ICG.Mostly brilliant, there is a long, shallow scratch in the lower right obverse field. Important notice: We expect to be auctionin
Estimates : 270.00 - 440.00
1870-CC S$1--Cleaned, Retoned--ANACS.73011870-CC S$1--Cleaned, Retoned--ANACS.
1870-CC S$1--Cleaned, Retoned--ANACS.AU Details, Net XF40. By far, the most collectible of the four Carson City issues and always a popular coin wi
Estimates : 360.00 - 600.00
1871 S$1--Damaged, Cleaned--ANACS.73021871 S$1--Damaged, Cleaned--ANACS.
1871 S$1--Damaged, Cleaned--ANACS.AU Details, Net XF40. Bright from hairlining, we aren't exactly sure what the damage is that is mentioned unle...
Estimates : 105.00 - 170.00
1871 S$1 MS60 ANACS.73031871 S$1 MS60 ANACS.
1871 S$1 MS60 ANACS.A brilliant and well struck specimen, possessing strong luster that is interrupted by a patch of obverse abrasions that remain
Estimates : 600.00 - 1,000.00
1872 S$1--Rim Damaged, Cleaned--ANACS.73041872 S$1--Rim Damaged, Cleaned--ANACS.
1872 S$1--Rim Damaged, Cleaned--ANACS.AU Details, Net XF45. This minimally toned example displays a golden-gray sheen with a subdued appearance fro
Estimates : 75.00 - 125.00
1872 S$1 AU55 PCGS.73051872 S$1 AU55 PCGS.
1872 S$1 AU55 PCGS.Breen-5491. Traces of a previously punched 1 and 2 in the date show on the bottom of the rock. Listed by Breen as very rare. Thi
Estimates : 270.00 - 440.00
1872 S$1 MS61 ANACS.73061872 S$1 MS61 ANACS.
1872 S$1 MS61 ANACS.Struck with pinpoint accuracy from the dies, the surfaces are brilliant and lustrous despite an abundance of individually trivi
Estimates : 675.00 - 1,100.00
1872-CC S$1 VF30 PCGS.73071872-CC S$1 VF30 PCGS.
1872-CC S$1 VF30 PCGS.Dusky golden-gray toning envelops moderately worn surfaces. Neither side of this coin is excessively abraded for a Silver Dol
Estimates : 1,600.00 - 2,700.00
1872-CC S$1--Reverse Rim Filed--ANACS.73081872-CC S$1--Reverse Rim Filed--ANACS.
1872-CC S$1--Reverse Rim Filed--ANACS.XF Details, Net VF30. The cleaning is much more apparent on this piece than evidence of filing on the reverse
Estimates : 750.00 - 1,250.00
1872-S S$1--Scratched, Cleaned--ANACS.73091872-S S$1--Scratched, Cleaned--ANACS.
1872-S S$1--Scratched, Cleaned--ANACS.AU Details, Net XF45. Numerous scratches show in the obverse field and an attempt to "clean" them aw...
Estimates : 380.00 - 625.00
1859 S$1 PR65 ANACS.73101859 S$1 PR65 ANACS.
1859 S$1 PR65 ANACS.In anticipation of record-breaking sales to the collecting public, the Philadelphia Mint produced 800 proof Seated Dollars in 1
Estimates : 3,000.00 - 5,000.00
1862 S$1--Damaged, Cleaned--ANACS.73111862 S$1--Damaged, Cleaned--ANACS.
1862 S$1--Damaged, Cleaned--ANACS.Proof, Net PR50. One of just 550 proofs struck for collectors and a date made even more desirable by the extreme
Estimates : 190.00 - 320.00
1865 S$1 PR64 Cameo NGC.73121865 S$1 PR64 Cameo NGC.
1865 S$1 PR64 Cameo NGC.The Philadelphia Mint produced 46,500 business strike Silver Dollars in 1865, most of which were exported and subsequently
Estimates : 2,500.00 - 4,200.00
1869 S$1 PR63 NGC.73131869 S$1 PR63 NGC.
1869 S$1 PR63 NGC.The Philadelphia Mint produced 423,700 business strike and 600 proof Seated Dollars in 1869, and high grade representatives of th
Estimates : 1,150.00 - 1,900.00
1872 S$1 PR64 NGC.73141872 S$1 PR64 NGC.
1872 S$1 PR64 NGC.The glittering, mirrored surfaces show only wispy hairlines and are untoned save for a distinctive golden hue at the denticles an
Estimates : 270.00 - 440.00
1873 S$1 PR64 PCGS.73151873 S$1 PR64 PCGS.
1873 S$1 PR64 PCGS.This is an interestingly colored example with dusky lilac-tan patina over the obverse. The reverse is lighter with a swath of go
Estimates : 2,150.00 - 3,600.00