Extremely Rare and Historically Significant Swiss Model 1894 Experimental Mondragon Rifle in Ultra R

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Extremely Rare and Historically Significant Swiss Model 1894 Experimental Mondragon Rifle in Ultra R
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Estimate: $25000 - 45000
Manufacturer: Sig Model: Mondragon
This is an exceptionally rare example of an all original and extremely rare early Model 1894 Swiss/SIG experimental Type IIA Mondragon. This is such an extremely rare and all original rifle that very few examples even exist today with almost all known specimen contained in European museums. This series of rifle was actually a further development of the original 1893 Mondragon rifles that was made by the famous Swiss factory of SIG, in Neuhausen. These were based on the original 1893 designs of Colonel Mondragon with improvements, that were coupled with the very unique Swiss "5.2 X 68 mm" high velocity piston cartridge designed by the brilliant Swiss designer Col Edward "Eduard" Rubin, who was the director of the Swiss munitions factory at Thurn as well as the inventor of the full metal jacket. During the development of the M1893 rifle Col. Mondragon came into contact with Col. Rubin, who had actually been working on a small caliber high velocity cartridge. Both seized on the idea of using this new cartridge in the Model 1894. This rifle has several very early and unique features such as the original "en bloc" type magazine, same principle design as the M1 Garand (only 40 years earlier), a straight pull, rotary designed rifle bolt that employs three sets of five locking lugs; one set each, position around the front and rear of the bolt body with an additional set around the cocking knob assembly; a revolutionary automatic switch mechanism (like designed on the 1893 design) that allowed the rifle to be fired on a continuous and in rapid succession without pulling the trigger each time but rather engaging the bolt mechanism. The designs of the Swiss Schmidt/Rubin and K31 series of rifles can clearly be seen on this rifle especially in the rotary locking bolts. The rifle itself has a two-piece stock with an all machined receiver and bolt group. The forend is a full length one-piece round Mannlicher style that completely encompasses the barrel. It is fitted with a single sling swivel underneath, that is held on by a single forward barrel band. The barrel band has typically early Swiss type bayonet lug underneath. Over the trigger assembly is marked "A," "L," and "R." In this model, as noted is to just grasp the bolt handle and with a loaded magazine, pull the bolt to the rear and slam it forward into battery and the rifle will fire. Certainly a very unique and forward thinking battle improvement. The idea was that if the soldier positioned the rifle butt under his arm, hand on the forend with his other hand on the bolt handle he could either charge and fire in rapid succession or use the same method in a defensive mode to fend off a frontal assault. The cartridge that was designed for this rifle, the 5.2 X 68mm, is actually similar to the short bottle neck high velocity cartridges we have today chambered in 22 caliber, only this cartridge has a piston inside the case. The concept was that the cartridge contained an actual piston inside the case with the powder charge located below the piston. The top of the piston rod was positioned below the actual bullet and that once the primer and powder were ignited the pistol would drive the bullet at a hyper-velocity, muzzle velocity (remember at this time they were just developing smokeless powder) with most velocities around the 1,500-1,800 fps. An extremely unique rifle for the 1893/1894 time frame. The only real markings on the rifle are the serial number "111" which is somewhat lower that the serial numbers of other rifle in various museums. This serial number is stamped on the various parts to include the receiver, barrel, bolt assembly, magazine follower and cocking knob. The rear of the upper tang is stamped "FAB. D'ARMES/NEUHAUSEN". This rifle has an all walnut stock, full length forend and is fitted with one steel buttplate. It has an all blue metal finish except the bolt which is left bright.
BBL: 29 1/2 inch round
Gauge: 5.2x68mm
Finish: blue
Grips: walnut
Serial Number: 111
Excellent with 95% plus of the original blue finish with only minor edge wear. The stock and forend are both excellent showing only minor handling marks and some light scratches in area. As noted above this beautiful rifle has all matching numbers and is exceptional. Certainly is an extremely rare model of rifle that usually resides in a museum. This may very well be your only opportunity to acquire such an extremely rare and historically significant antique Swiss Model 1894 rifle!